Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Claims He’s Experiencing Financial Hardship, Faces Home Foreclosure After Wendy’s Alimony Payments Stopped

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Claims He’s Experiencing Financial Hardship, Faces Home Foreclosure After Wendy’s Alimony Payments Stopped

Kevin Hunter is going through a bit of financial hardships.

According to reports, in a recent court filing, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband claimed his monthly payments, which were made by the media mogul as settled in their divorce, stopped being paid in February of this year. The Sun reports that Kevin Hunter requested that the court mandate Wendy Williams’ guardian

“to make payments as contractually required under the MSA and Severance Agreement.” 

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter

As we reported earlier this year, Wendy Williams was placed in a financial guardianship after Wells Fargo froze her bank account assuming the former talk show host battles

“financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence.”

The court-appointed guardian means the battle with Wells Fargo to unfreeze her bank accounts is complete. The financial guardian, along with Williams and the courts, will now be in charge of determining how she will access her funds. In his filing, Kevin Hunter told the court that he is very dependent on the payments, which were agreed to in their marital settlement agreement, to live. Hunter stated:

“I have fallen behind on most of my bills. I currently live in a community that requires payments to the homeowners association and I’m behind on that bill. 

He pleaded about the home shared with his mistress and child:

“If the homeowners association fees are not paid foreclosure will soon follow.”

Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter

He added: 

“My car insurance hasn’t been paid as a result of not receiving monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I have no money since the severance payments were suspended.” 

Hunter claimed:

“My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement.” 

On top of his financial burdens, Williams’ ex alleged he also doesn’t have health insurance. He stated that he needs hip surgery which he can’t afford without insurance. The father of two said:

“The fact that I am unable to sustain my life and pay my bills in order is extremely emergent to me. I cannot pay my bills and sustain my day-to-day living.” 

As reported earlier this week,  Hunter wants the public to know that his request for payments has nothing to do with the relationship between him and his ex-wife. He faced backlash as he demanded payments from the 58-year-old amid her serious health battle and financial issues. In a statement released to his Instagram stories, the businessman said:

“The fact is I’m not being silent anymore. This has nothing to do with Wendy but has everything to do with the people trying to steal Hard earned money that I have worked for and help build.”

He added:

“I didn’t forfeit as much as I did for my son to go through this…miss me with the double standard sh*t as well.” 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill