Update: Lil Wayne Denies Assaulting Ex-Assistant On Private Jet, Argues Self-Defense

Lil Wayne

Update: Lil Wayne Denies Assaulting Ex-Assistant On Private Jet, Argues Self-Defense

Update: (Dec. o6, 2022): Lil Wayne may have gotten into an altercation with a former personal assistant, but, according to the rapper, his actions were in self-defense.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Lil Wayne is requesting that the lawsuit he’s facing for allegedly assaulting his ex-assistant, Andrew Williams, on a private jet be thrown out of court. The “Lollipop” rapper is claiming that he acted in self-defense.

In addition, Lil Wayne said his former employee didn’t suffer any injuries as a result of him. He accused Williams of failing to “exercise reasonable care and diligence” to avoid any alleged damages. Wayne shut down Williams’ claims that he was wrongfully terminated as well.

A judge has yet to rule.

Original Story: (Aug. 25, 2022): Lil Wayne could be facing charges by a former personal assistant after an alleged altercation took place on a private jet.

According to RadarOnline, ex-assistant Andrew Williams sued Lil Wayne, Young Money Entertainment, and a company called Signature Flight Support. The ex-employee accused the defendants of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, wrongful termination, and negligence.

According to the lawsuit, the hip-hop artist boarded his private jet accompanied by his team, including Andrew Williams, on June 10. An argument then broke out between the aircraft pilot and Lil Wayne, 39. The assistant said he intervened in between the verbal fight to prevent the situation from turning physical.

Lil Wayne

Reportedly, Andrew Williams said he placed his arms between the pilot and Wayne in an attempt to keep the two separated. As a response, he said the rap star turned to him and punched him with a closed fist in the jaw. The former assistant claimed the punch was worse than a normal punch to the face due to the rapper’s “numerous rings and large jewelry on his hands.”

Lil Wayne

Following the alleged assault, Williams said he exited the plane and went straight to the local urgent care for treatment. The personal assistant said the only communication he has received from Wayne and Young Money since the incident was a letter demanding he returns a company backpack and Bluetooth speaker.

Williams said he has suffered emotionally and physically, and “incurred general damages including incurring medical expenses, in amounts to be proven at trial.” In addition, he claimed to have suffered humiliation and mental anguish from Wayne’s display of conduct. The suit reads,

“Lil Wayne was willful and malicious and was intended to oppress and cause injury to [Williams]. [Williams] is therefore entitled to an award of punitive damages.” 

Williams is also suing for wrongful termination since Wayne, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., allegedly fired him after the incident. His lawyer stated,

“This termination was done despite Lil Wayne being aware of and causing [Williams’] status as a victim of a crime.”

The suit also accused Wayne of wrongfully terminating Williams “based on his race and color in violation” of California law.

Wayne has yet to respond to the lawsuit in court.

Lil Wayne: I did NOT have a seizure.

Lil Wayne

As previously reported, the Louisiana rapper almost ended his headlining performance at an arena in Jacksonville, Florida on August 19.

Wayne threatened to end the concert when a fan threw an item onstage in the midst of him performing his first song of his set. After delivering a very blunt message, he was able to finish his performance. While speaking to the audience, the influential rapper announced,

“This my first song. If a ni**a gonna be throwing shit at me, I ain’t gonna do another song and I’ll get my ass right up out this muthaf*cka. It’s called respect. So like I said, if a ni**a gonna be throwing sh*t at me, then I don’t respect that person.”

Wayne added,

“If you know who that was that threw that sh*t, tell him I said f*ck him and suck on a muthaf*ckin d*ck. You little p*ssy b*tch! Throwing flags at me — ni**a, that sh*t ain’t even real, f*ck wrong with you? Pus*y muthaf*cka, let’s go!”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely