Boosie Claims That Despite What Many May Think, He’s ‘Never Had A Problem’ w/ Gay People

Boosie Claims That Despite What Many May Think, He’s ‘Never Had A Problem’ w/ Gay People

It looks like Boosie is setting the record straight.

During a recent interview on Streetz 945 atl, Boosie cleared the air on a misconception that people have about him. The rapper wants it to be known that he does not have an issue with gay people. He claimed:

“My assistant manager is gay, I don’t know where people–I never had a problem with that. It’s just that I spoke about certain stuff the way I felt.”

Boosie then addressed Gabrielle Union‘s recently resurfaced comments alluding that the real reason he has spoken negatively about her trans stepdaughter is because he’s on the down low. At the time, she said he seemingly has “a lot of d**k” on his mind. While speaking on her comments, he said:

“I felt played…I felt like it was a sucka shot. I ain’t been talking about them people in so long…I’m a real ghetto hero, I stand up for straight men. For you to say I have d**k on my mind, you’re being a hypocrite. I thought you pressing it’s cool to have d**k on your mind…Now you wanna tell a joke? You’re being a hypocrite.” 

Boosie – thejasminebrand

He added:

“Stay in your place, stay in your place. I’ve been at mine laying down, stay in your place.”

As previously reported, last year in an interview with Jemele Hill, Gabrielle Union shared that despite the hate she may receive from the outside world, her stepdaughter Zaya Wade is surrounded by love from her family. She then sarcastically apologized to Boosie for supporting the 15-year-old. As you may already know, the rapper has made multiple public transphobic comments about Zaya WadeGabrielle Union said:

“He’s so preoccupied. It’s almost like ‘thou doth protest too much Lil Boos.’ You got a lot of d*ck on your mind.”

Zaya Wade, Gabrielle Union – thejasminebrand

As previously reported, a few years ago Boosie took to Instagram to share a message to Dwyane Wade in regards to the retired NBA star’s decision to support his then 12-year-old transgender daughter. He said:

“That is a male. A 12-year-old. At 12, they don’t even know what they next meal gon’ be. They don’t have shit figured out yet. He might meet a woman, anything, at 16 and fall in love with her. But his dick be gone — how he gon’ — like, bruh, you going too far, dawg. Like bruh, if he gay, let him be gay. Like don’t address him as a woman, dawg. He’s 12-years-old. dawg. He’s — he’s not there yet. He hasn’t made his final decisions yet. Don’t cut his f*ckin dick off, Dwyane Wade, bruh. You f*ckin’ trippin’, dawg. You trippin’ dawg.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole