Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Redirects Kanye’s Donation To Morris Brown College: To Say You Support Trump, I Don’t Align With His Statements

Jamal Bryant, Kanye West

Mega Preacher Jamal Bryant Redirects Kanye’s Donation To Morris Brown College: To Say You Support Trump, I Don’t Align With His Statements

Kanye West’s donation to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church will be going to create two new scholarships at Morris Brown College in Atlanta.

One scholarship is in honor of Kanye West’s late mom, Donda West, who was on the faculty of the university. Another will be to salute Vanessa Long, who’s husband late Eddie Long founded New Birth.

The pastor New Birth, Jamal Bryant, spoke out about redirecting the donations thanks to Kanye West’s alignment with President Donald Trump. 

“To say that you unashamedly support Donald Trump… I don’t align with the statements of Kanye West. I don’t endorse it, nor do I subscribe to it. And I am not a runaway slave. To that end, Mr. west made a significant donation to New Birth Cathedral. But I do not want to be guilty of double speech. I met with my team today and the donation that he made to our church, I am now redirecting. Im going to be giving that donation he gave to Morris Brown College.”

Bryant also made the announcement to his church Sunday (Oct. 13). He said,

“I know what Donda West represented while at Morris Brown and her mind for African American literature was to empower, equip and engage students to be something radical that could change community and change society.”

“On this day, we want to open up, in the honor of Donda West, the foundational scholarship in her name. I am doing so on behalf of prayerful expectation, on behalf of her son who I am praying will, through the power of God, come back to rightful consciousness on what it means to equip and empower our people.”

Bryant said the idea for scholarships came while he was in prayer shortly after West hosted his Sunday Service at New Birth recently.

He added,

“I wanted to redirect some of those proceeds because I believe God is going to bless us to be a blessing. At New Birth, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, and we stand with Morris Brown as they begin to rebuild. We believe that just as God is going to bless Morris Brown, God is going to bless New Birth. I am telling you, we are more powerful when we work together.”

The school’s President, Kevin James, said that the donation will be a big help.

“It is a major step toward full accreditation. We switched our accrediting agency. We are going back to our roots. We were founded in the basement of Big Bethel AME Church.”

Morris Brown has raised $500,000 since James took over in March. The school is aiming to raise $15 million to show the accrediting agency that it is “financially stable.”

A representative for the church said it does

“not have any plans of sharing details about the financial contribution at this time.”

They added,

“Everything lined up perfectly because Morris Brown had already culminated their homecoming.”

The church also hasn’t decided if the donation will be an ongoing one.

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Authored by: Char Patterson