Update: Shy Glizzy’s Associate Claims Rapper Has Been Spiking Women’s Drinks For Over A Decade After He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct On ‘White Girl’ Video Set

Shy Glizzy, Sky Bri

Update: Shy Glizzy’s Associate Claims Rapper Has Been Spiking Women’s Drinks For Over A Decade After He Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct On ‘White Girl’ Video Set

Update: (Jan. 4, 2022): Shy Glizzy is facing another serious accusation.

A video has recently surfaced of Glizzy Gang member Ant Glizzy claiming that he and the “Like That” rapper have “spike a couple of bottles” before. He said,

“I been told y’all Shy spiked them bottles.”

In addition, during the video clip, Ant Glizzy alluded that Shy Glizzy was the ringleader and “showed” him “how to do it.”

He continued,

“Any girl that ever been around the Glizzy Gang, just think about when y’all got drunk, y’all was super drunk…I swear to God. It’s at least 20 people that’s gonna come out and say this sh*t.”

He added,

“I been told y’all these stories. I told y’all he spike them. He been doing this sh*t for 15 years on GQ. Like, any girl that ever drunk with the Glizzy Gang at a club or at a table, you was extra drunk. All you gotta do is ask him.”


Original story: (Jan. 3, 2022): 

Rapper Shy Gilzzy is being accused of a serious issue.

An OnlyFans model who goes by the name Sky Bri recently alleged the rap star attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him. When she rejected him, Glizzy allegedly withheld the entertainer’s payment for the 12-hour video shoot.

Sky Bri

The 23-year-old influencer appeared on a podcast recently and revealed how the situation came about. Allegedly Shy Glizzy, born Marquis King, 30, requested Sky Bri to star in his “White Girl” music video after the two previously collaborated on a photo shoot for the song. According to Bri, her $5,000 appearance fee was apparently too much for the D.C. artist. However, the song – released back in 2014 – has been gaining traction on Tik Tok recently, which prompted her to agree to $3,000.

Bri claimed the video shoot was significantly different than her photo shoot experience. She stated:

“He gets there…he brings a little entourage with him…just the whole day he was trying to flirt with me…and trying to pull me to the side to talk to me and I’m really just not into him…his personality that day was just weird like he was just being sketchy,” 

Shy Glizzy

The creator went on and explained that Glizzy allegedly cornered her with his crew and pressured her into taking an unknown pill. She said:

“he like cornered me in the kitchen with his little posey and convinced me to do this pill…I don’t know what the pill was I said ‘no’ a million times but eventually I was like ‘whatever.'”

Allegedly, things only went downhill from that moment. Bri then said that Glizzy later approached her in a changing room with his penis exposed, asking for sexual favors. What’s worse, the OF model alleged the musician said he wouldn’t pay her if she didn’t comply. She stated:

“I was….getting ready to leave and he comes in and he pulls me onto the bed, and I look down and his d*ck is out. And he’s like ‘suck it’ and I said ‘no’ and then he said ‘lick it’ and then I said ‘no’ and he said ‘then you’re fine with not getting paid’ and I said ‘yea.'”

She added:

“I just got up and I went downstairs and I grabbed the director…I told them like ‘hey like Shy just told me if I don’t suck his d*ck then I’m not getting paid for this whole day’…so they grabbed me and put me in a car that took me home,”

Bri continued, claiming she contemplated not sharing the story and has no plans to waste her time suing for $3,000. However, she doesn’t want Glizzy to think his actions are excusable. The model said the rapper hit her up after she made a Tik Tok about being in her first music video and not getting paid. However, she opted to ignore the message as Glizzy only allegedly asked “what’s this about?”

Reportedly, Glizzy nor anyone from the crew has commented on Bri’s accusations at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson