Birdman Hilariously Calls Out Druski Over Parody Record Label Seemingly Copying Cash Money Records + Accuses Comedian Of Trying To Recruit His Artists: ‘I Been Looking For You’

Druski, Birdman

Birdman Hilariously Calls Out Druski Over Parody Record Label Seemingly Copying Cash Money Records + Accuses Comedian Of Trying To Recruit His Artists: ‘I Been Looking For You’

Comedian Druski was recently confronted over his trolling of Cash Money Records.

The record labels co-founder, rap legend Birdman, crashed the jokester’s Instagram live and wanted all the smoke after Druski disrespected him by attempting to poach a few of his artists.

Reportedly, the made-up beef began yesterday (July 5th) after Druski once again embodied a recurring skit character who is the CEO of the satirical label Could Been Records. The comedian, real name Drew Desbordes, was reportedly scouting new talent during the hilarious live session, and name-dropped working with celebs such as Drake, NBA Youngboy, and Lil Wayne.

A few familiar faces reportedly popped up during the live, including comedian Mike Epps and comedian/podcaster Theo Von. However, the moment fans seemed to indulge in most was when Birdman himself hopped on the session.

The New Orleans native immediately pressed Druski for “stepping” on Cash Money’s toes and trying to infringe on his years of hard work. Birdman, real name Bryan Christopher Williams, called out the funny man for attempting to work with his artists without his knowledge, and for biting his logo. As you can see in the live, Druski had a design drawn up for his made-up record label that bares exact similarities to the Cash Money logo.

Joining the live, Birdman jokingly stated:

“I’ve been looking for you, n*gga…I heard you was in my neck of the woods. I ain’t think it would’ve been gangsta if I pulled up on you … but you won’t come outside or inside, n*gga.”

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“It’s like you starting to step on my toes. You young n*ggas really got the game f***ed up. I am that n*gga, n*gga! I’ve been watching this sh*t you doing. What the f*** is this record label you starting?”

Of course, Druski was quick to apologize and attempted to get back in good races with the iconic hip-hop star. Stumbling over his words, the social media influencer made it clear that he didn’t mean any harm, claiming to have always wanted to work with the “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” rapper. He stated:

“But I’m saying Birdman…so look I was scared to call cause n*gga, I don’t be knowing if you gone pick up, but I been wanting to work with you Drake, Youngboy….but I’m still trying to get Wayne.”


NBA Youngboy

As the two went on, Birdman continued to set Druski straight. The musician doubled down that he needed to be acknowledged and recognized if the comedian was going to enter into the music game, making it clear he had to go through him and couldn’t bite off of his 35 years of hard work. By the end of the hilarious exchange, Druski seemed to be ready to run for the hills.

The comedian went on to frantically state he was trying to “get his money up” before approaching Birdman, declaring his intention was for them to “eat together.” However, it seems the rap star wasn’t going for any of it. After Birdman hopped off the live with an eerie dismissal, a flustered Druski ended the video with:

“Oh sh*t, Birdman gon’ kill us!…What the f***?! I gotta get off the air, sorry y’all. N*gga, Birdman gon’ kill us!” 

If you’re unfamiliar with Druski’s comedy style, the entire session could’ve been perceived as a real interaction. It seems, however, all was in good fun. After the live ended, Druski posted a screenshot of the footage with the caption:

“F**k…… Cash Money vs Coulda Been”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson