Pastor John Gray Seemingly Thanks Tyrese Gibson For Being There For Him As He Contemplated Suicide: When I Was Almost Dead You Fought For Me

Pastor John Gray, Tyrese

Pastor John Gray Seemingly Thanks Tyrese Gibson For Being There For Him As He Contemplated Suicide: When I Was Almost Dead You Fought For Me

Pastor John Gray gave Tyrese his flowers for his belated birthday.

Tyrese celebrated his 44th birthday on Friday (Dec. 30) and was showered with love on social media from his family and celebrity friends. On Thursday (Jan. 5) Pastor John Gray took to Instagram to send his (belated) birthday wishes to the singer while seemingly recalling a time when Tyrese saved him from ending his life. Alongside a picture of himself beside Tyrese in front of a sunset, he explained:

“When I was trying to figure out a way to end my life, I made a mistake. I called @tyrese. He said, ‘let me call you right back.’ Two hours later he was in my driveway. He dragged me out of the house and into vehicle that took me to a certified counselor. Oh yeah, and an IV drip, chefs table full of food, and holistic professionals ready to get all the pain in my body and soul alleviated.”

Highlighting Tyrese’s successful career, he added:

“He is the most gifted human on the planet. He is top 10 r&b singer all time. Top grossing film actor. He’s a better friend. And had continued to be a real friend and brother. Happy birthday to my friend, and brother, and may God bless you and the kids and your family for generations to come. When I was almost dead you fought for me. I won’t ever forget it. I know it’s been a couple days but we celebrate all month! Happy birthday @tyrese!”

Tyrese responded to his friend’s heartfelt birthday message. The “Baby Boy” actor wrote:

“I’m sorry good brother The Lord Jesus isn’t done with you…. I don’t really life folks to know of these stories because I move from the heart this is all KINGDOM business…. I love you as my pastor and big brother…. Im so very proud of you for all that you stand for…. To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!!!!!”

Sending his blessings to the pastor, he continued:

“I did nothing but what God told me to do….. You were obedient when God put it on vour heart to cal me and I was obedient to take the call not hesitate and get to you. You have so much more king the more to do your wife, your family you’re so blessed I want nothing, but to know that you were still using your presence your inspiration and heart on that stage everywhere you go changing and affecting lives because that’s what the kingdom business is.”

Tyrese elaborated on his judgment-free personality and ended with:

“I’m in the kingdom business I do things my way I may not look talk and walk like your usual man of God but l’m right there with you vou will always have a seat at my table. I will never judge you. I will never not take your call and I will protect you and your family. As long as I have breath in my body. love you as my best friend and brother and more importantly, my pastor God bless you Pastor John Gray.”

Fans and celebrity acquaintances flooded the pastor’s comment section with love while applauding their brotherhood through dark times.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill