Tyrese Wants A New Judge In His Divorce Case, Says Current Judge Is Biased

Tyrese Gibson & Judge Farmer

Tyrese Wants A New Judge In His Divorce Case, Says Current Judge Is Biased

Tyrese’s divorce case has him livid!


According to reports, Tyrese is requesting a new judge for his divorce case with his estranged wife Samantha Lee Gibson after he was ordered to keep paying $10,000 in child support. Singer Tyrese filed new legal documents this week that state the reasons why he wants new eyes on his case being that Judge Kevin Farmer, the current judge for the case, was allegedly biased and had it out for him.

Judge Kevin Farmer

As previously reported, Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson tied the knot back in 2017. Samantha Lee Gibson, who shares a three-year-old daughter Soraya Lee Gibson with her ex, filed for divorce in September 2020. During their appearances in court, the “How You Gonna Act Like That” singer requested joint physical and legal custody of their daughter, along with a final say on non-medical emergencies for their child. Tyrese also stated that his estranged wife’s request for $20,000 a month in child support is “unreasonably high.”

Tyrese,Samantha Lee

The 43-year-old alleged he and his ex Samantha were told during a pretrial meeting in Judge Farmer’s chambers, that $10,690 per month in child support was fair based on the financial evidence. The judge stated while giving the verdict that he didn’t care if Tyrese was a “greedy, gold-digging b*tch.” The California native claims the judge came to terms with his decision before hearing both parties’ testimonies in court.  The Fast and Furious actor said the judge’s favor showed during the trial amid belittling admonishments, video footage of him cutting Tyrese off in the middle of his answers and more. He said his attorney “definitely felt bullied by Judge Farmer” during the divorce case.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill