Jhene Aiko Hugs It Out W/ Coko After SWV Singer Called Her Music Sleepy

Jhene Aiko Hugs It Out W/ Coko After SWV Singer Called Her Music Sleepy

Is this a case of the old school versus the new school? Legendary R&B group SWV sat down to take a listen at their genre’s most popular female singers of today, and while members Lelee and Taj offered their support to the ladies – CoKo gave her raw, unfiltered opinion to the new school crooners! Many feel that with a voice like CoKo’s, she’s more than qualified to give today’s singers a tip or two.

Despite Taj and Lelee giving Queen Naija her props, Coko offered a host of grimaces and this comment:

“I just like to hear them sing live, ’cause nowadays these girls all sound like a computer!”

Another one of the singers CoKo critiqued was LA native, Jhene Aiko. She said this about her Rae Sremmurd-featured single, “Sativa:”

“This stuff- if you depressed, you shouldn’t listen to it. [singing] ‘Am I sleepy or is it just you?'”

Well, Jhene caught wind of the SWV front woman’s comments, and ran down on her at Pharrell‘s Something in the Water Festival this weekend! Coko posted this photo with Jhene on Instagram with the following caption:

“@therealcokoswv Jhene’ Aiko is a sweetheart! She walked up to me and said all of my songs aren’t sleepy. We laughed & hugged it out!! She got what I was saying though. It’s all love, no hate. My son is a big fan of hers. #sitwfest”

Watch CoKo and the ladies of SWV critique the R&B stars of today in the video below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay