Supa Cent’s Best Friend Gifts Her A Tesla At Her Surprise 35th Birthday Party

Supa Cent’s Best Friend Gifts Her A Tesla At Her Surprise 35th Birthday Party

Every bestie deserves a Tessie—and Supa Cent (aka Wuzzam Supa) just recently got her one!

On Wednesday (Feb. 1), influencer/businesswoman Supa Cent’s family and friends gathered to celebrate her 35th birthday.

However, while the room was filled with lots of laughs and love, little did Supa Cent know, a brand-new Tesla was rolling down the block!

Supa Cent

While attending the joyous festivity, The Crayon Case owner’s longtime friend, Blakk Tatted, pulled her outside and surprised her with the fancy vehicle, as fellow close ones huddled around for the exciting, occasion.

Upon receiving the one-in-a-lifetime type of gift, Supa Cent took to her Twitter account to express her gratitude.

“My best friend bought me a f*cking Tesla for my birthday. WHAT DA F*CK…”

The beautiful moment was captured for the world to see and has since been uploaded to social media, where Supa Cent can be seen bursting into tears. In a post on her Instagram, she opened up about what the flashy ride meant to her and how monumental it is for not only the friendship that she and Blakk Tatted have shared throughout the years but this new chapter of her life.

Underneath a sentimental clip of the two buddies, the New Orleans native said,

“Nothing could [have] prepared me for yesterday! I c can’t express how much my family and friends mean to me! 2 weeks ago I was telling [Blakk Tatted] that I stepped into my soft girl era. I’m so [used] to having big trucks and boyish cars. I was becoming over the tough girl vibe I was giving off.”

Supa Cent continued, mentioning how one of her other friends inspired her desire for a Tesla but had decided to wait to purchase one until she and her fiancé close on their home.

“Ross gave me a preview of her Tesla and I fell in love. I said I was going to treat myself to one after me and Ray buy our house. I also was telling him I’m ready to get rid of all my cars and stick with only 2 instead of having 5. I’m just over it all lol.”

Supa Cent and Blakk Tatted

She added,

“I was simply venting to a friend about prioritizing and money management. Y’all this was literally less than 2 weeks ago. How TF [Blakk] pulled this off is crazy to me. To you, you bought your best friend a car. To me, you freed up so many unnecessary bills, saved me time, and took some burdens off my shoulders. I have bought so many people cars, to get gifted one hit my heart different. Love you so much best friend @blakk_tatted thank you again.”

According to Supa Cent, the expensive wheels are completely paid off… and it’s (in fact) all hers, which makes it even more special. What a present to unwrap!

When speaking of the heartwarming offering, Blakk Tatted responded to Supa Cent’s tweet with:

“I heard you say you wanted a Tesla ‘one day’ so why not TODAY?! You ALWAYS step behind me, so ima ALWAYS step behind you. You DESERVE this! I’m glad I was able to make your bday as special as you are to me! I LOVE YOU so much Best Friend.”

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from your best friend? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell