Beyoncé – Minister Accuses Singer Of Being A Witch & Rebukes Christians Planning To Attend Her World Tour: How Dare You!

Beyoncé, Tiphani Montgomery

Beyoncé – Minister Accuses Singer Of Being A Witch & Rebukes Christians Planning To Attend Her World Tour: How Dare You!

Another spiritual leader is urging their congregation not to support super star singer Beyoncé.

Ministry teacher Tiphani Montgomery is gaining buzz due to a recent sermon where she condemned the “Cuff It” artist, hailing her as well as the infamous Beyhive a witch’s coven.

In a video clip steadily gaining traction on social media , Montgomery spoke passionately about how much she disapproves of the 41-year-old singer. The business woman called out both Beyoncé and her equally famous husband Jay Z, for supposedly practicing witchcraft and mocking. Additionally, the CEO rebuked those who had plans in mind to attend the decorated artists’ upcoming Renaissance World Tour.


During the sermon, she stated:

“Any of you who are going to Beyoncé’s concert I rebuke you in the name of Jesus! How dare you call yourself a Christian!”

Tiphani Montgomery

She continued, referring to Sean ‘Jay Z‘ Carter:

“Why you think that man call himself Jay Hova? It was short for Jehova.”

Further along, Montgomery goes on a tangent about Beyoncé being the devil’s messenger, and crafting her famed fan base called the Beyhive after a witches coven. She continued in the speech:

“Witche’s covens are normally 3 – 7 people. When it becomes thousands, it’s called a hive. Y’all apart of that lady Beyhive?…and you call yourself a Christian?”

Montgomery went on to speak even more vehemently, labeling Beyoncé’s coming concert a “gateway” and claiming that all attendees will be ritual participants. In case she didn’t make her point perfectly clear, the spiritual leader doubled down on the message in her caption, bio, and with a few follow up posts.

As a caption to the video, she wrote:

“THERE WILL BE A SHOWDOWN!!! Baalyonce don’t even hide her worship to her many gods. The devil gave her INFLUENCE to MILLIONS and she uses her platform effectively for the kingdom of darkness.

And there you are. A Christian.

Singing along to her songs.

Look at you. Lol”

In another post, she added:

“Y’all who claim to be Christian’s who are mocking me to defend a high priestess just because y’all love that stupid song y’all be dancing like idiots to are in trouble w God.”

And in a third post, continued:

“Beyoncé is not a Christian according to the standard of the Bible, so she is not my problem….But you the believer, the one who call him or herself a Christian….you are the one I’m rebuking, you have no business mixing God with the world, you have no business going to Beyoncé’s Concert and at same time singing the song of the Lord!”

This isn’t the first time recently a member of the church has taken issue with Beyoncé. Back in August, another pastor blasted the “Church Girl” singer for sampling a gossip track on her new album. Many individuals and celebs rallied behind the musician, however, with many objecting the bishop’s point.

As we reported, Beyoncé is currently gearing up for her world tour which kicks off May 10th in Stockholm. Tickets are available in select cities now.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson