R. Kelly – Judge Rejects Singer’s Request For New Trial A Week Ahead of Federal Sentencing


R. Kelly – Judge Rejects Singer’s Request For New Trial A Week Ahead of Federal Sentencing


Not so good news for R. Kelly.

According to reports, a federal judge has denied R. Kelly’s request for a new trial, just one week before he is set to be sentenced on child pornography charges.

On Feb. 4, attorneys for the singer filed a motion for a new trial arguing that the prosecution’s star witness “Jane Doe” lied during her testimony when she said she was undecided about whether she would seek restitution from R. Kelly.

Kelly’s attorney Jennifer Bonjean argued,

“Jane’s testimony was not truthful when she claimed she was ‘undecided’ about whether she would seek restitution from the defendant. She knew full well she was seeking restitution in an extraordinary amount if defendant was convicted. The government knew it too.”

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However, U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber disagreed.

“Simply because Jane and her attorney considered the possibility of restitution, does not mean she lied during her testimony. Jane’s testimony was that she was undecided. Her testimony was not that she was not intending to pursue restitution.”

Last November, R. Kelly’s attorneys requested a new trial, arguing that sexual predator expert Dr. Darrel Turner lied on the witness stand during testifying. Allegedly, Dr. Darrel Turner wasn’t completely honest about the fees paid to him for his work on the case. Because of this, Bonjean felt that Kelly was owed a new trial.

But in his order, Judge Leinenweber wrote that he found

“no likelihood that Dr. Turner’s testimony about his rates affected the jury’s decision to convict Kelly.”

The judge added,

“Looking at the evidence in the light most favorable to the Government, the Court finds that there was enough evidence to sustain a guilty verdict on all six counts Kelly was convicted of.”

As previously reported, on June 29, 2022, the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer was sentenced to 30 years in prison after a New York jury found him guilty on all counts of racketeering and sex trafficking. He was also ordered to receive mental health treatment upon his release along with mandatory therapy sessions for a sexual disorder.

R. Kelly will be sentenced on Thursday, February 23.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole