Dionne Warwick Says Claims That Her Sister Molested Whitney Houston Are Absolutely Untrue: It’s Something I Will Never Forgive

Dionne Warwick Says Claims Sister Molested Whitney Houston Are Absolutely Untrue: It’s Something I Will Never Forgive

Back in August 2018, fans of the late Whitney Houston were absolutely shocked by claims that she was molested by her cousin Dee Dee when she was young. Dee Dee is the sister of legendary singer Dionne Warwick, who immediately shut down the allegations. Now, almost a year later, Warwick is taking a hard stance on those who accused her sister, saying she will “never forgive” them.

In a new interview, Dionne Warwick, 78, addressed the allegations that her sister Dee Dee molested her niece Whitney Houston when she was young. The claims were initially made public by Houston’s former assistant Marie Jones in the Houston documentary Whitney that was released last year. At the time, Warwick furiously shot down the allegations—and still feels the same way now.

Dionne Warwick (2015)

While promoting her new album She’s Back, Warwick got emotional discussing the molestation allegations against her sister, who passed away in 2008. She admits it still angers and saddens her that such damning allegations were aimed at her sister.

Warwick said this of the allegations:

“All I can say about Dee Dee is that she was a loving, caring, giving person. What was depicted of her is absolutely untrue and something I will never forgive.”

Whitney Houston circa 2008

When the Whitney documentary was released, the singer’s mother, Cissy Houston, also supported Warwick, via statement, in slamming the accusations that Houston was molested by Dee Dee:

“We cannot reconcile the Public’s need to know about Whitney’s life as justification for invasion of her privacy or the charge against Dee Dee, a charge which neither Whitney nor Dee Dee is here to deny, refute or affirm. Neither I, Dionne, nor my son Michael who was very close to his sister, and in the film is VERY candid about their drug use, has ever heard these allegations; we have never heard anything remotely connected to the crimes charged against Dee Dee in the film.”

Dionne Warwick’s new album, She’s Back will be officially released on May 17th and she says the reason behind her return to music is simply the world’s current need for love. Warwick said,

“The world needs love. I hope they’re paying attention this time around. It’s time for that healing factor and it’s called love.”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings