[WATCH] Mary J. Blige Visits The Queen Latifah Show, Explains Why She Always Knew Kendu Isaacs Was ‘The One’

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Mary J. Blige is back and this time she is in the holiday spirit. Blige stopped by ‘The Queen Latifah Show‘ to promote her first Christmas album, ‘A Mary Christmas.’ Since being dubbed the ‘Queen of Hip-Hop Soul’ almost 17 years ago (Question to Self: Feel old yet?) Mary has been candid with her struggles with life, love and addiction. Although she and record executive Kendu Issacs have been married for ten years she has still had her doubts explaining:
Even after I was married, I still couldn’t believe it, that it was real, and he really did love broken down, little old me. Cause I just never saw myself like the woman that a man like him would want. Because my past was just horrific. I felt ashamed about everything. Me dropping out of high school, me not, you know, just not being beautiful enough. I just didn’t feel like I was smart enough or beautiful enough, you know, for years.
While talking with Latifah she explained how she knew Isaacs was ‘the one’ and how her intuition has helped her in life.
Because, I didn’t sense anything fake or energy that [he] was afraid of me, not like he would hurt me, but he wasn’t afraid to do what everybody else was afraid to do, which was tell me truth and help me…Give me the information that I need when I was dying from alcohol. He came at the right time when I was ready to change.
She also shared how intuition plays a role in her life:
I don’t ever want to doubt myself and my intuition and just knowing when things are right and when they are wrong. I don’t ever want to lost that because thats what has gotten me this far.
Check out the clips below.

‘A Mary Christmas’ is in stores now. [CBS News, Queen Latifah Show]

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