Comedian Jess Hilarious Doubles Down On Claims That Master P. Owes Her $15k From A Previous Acting Gig: ‘Stop Playing With Me’

Jess Hilarious, Master P

Comedian Jess Hilarious Doubles Down On Claims That Master P. Owes Her $15k From A Previous Acting Gig: ‘Stop Playing With Me’

Looks like there are no jokey jokes involved in comedian Jess Hilarious‘ recent accusations against Master P.

The internet personality addressed the music exec denying he owes her payment from previous services, adamant that what she said is true.

All the commotion began after Jess, real name Jessica Robin Moore, 31, appeared as a guest co-host on The Breakfast Club. Filling in for former host Angela Yee, Jess aired out her alleged dirty laundry with Master P. during a rumor report segment. The conversation surrounded the veteran musician making undelivered opportunity promises to a rapper named Fat Trel. Jess stated during the segment that she previously did a skit for Master P., real name Percy Robert Miller Sr., 52, but never received the $15,000 payment owed for a second scene that was scrapped in post-production.

However, it wasn’t long before Master P. shot back, denying that he owes anything to Jess or Fat Trel. In an Instagram post, the No Limit Records founder wrote:

“I wish @fat_gleesh_ the best. But he is owed nothing from me or my company. The only business we ever did was put out a free mixtape on in 2013 which is available to download for free today…I covered the entire production costs, paid for flights, an apartment and rental cars that were trashed and damaged…And I have receipts to prove it.”

Speaking specifically on Jess, who goes by the stage name Jess Hilarious, Master P. continued:

“For the cowards hiding behind their computers enforcing fake news, I do have @jesshilarious_official contract from 5 years ago for I Got The Hook Up 2 and the copy of the check that was cashed and paid. She was joking about a second check that was never in her contract. That’s the narrative they ran with for clickbait and fake headlines. Thank God for receipts!”


“It’s sad how the media glorifies negativity and don’t even research these stories. But all we do for the kids in the community barely get a mention. Y’all go ahead and keep promoting us against us.”

However, Jess noted that if there was anyone she’d address for “clout”, it wouldn’t be him, adding she feels she’s being “played with.” Speaking on Master P.’s response she stated:

“You think out of everybody out there right now Imma come after you for clickbait and fake headlines, I don’t have to do that.”

Jess Hilarious


“He playing around with me…I never said; – there was never a second check. There was money paid up front and there was supposed to been another $15,000. I didn’t get the other half of my money stop playing with me.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson