Chaka Khan Apologizes For Throwing Shade At Multiple Artists Over Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Singers Of All Time’ List

Chaka Khan Apologizes For Throwing Shade At Multiple Artists Over Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Singers Of All Time’ List

Chaka Khan is sorry for letting the internet get to her head.

Reportedly, on Sunday (Mar. 5) legendary singer Chaka Khan took to Instagram to address the scrutiny she received after throwing shade at the singers who ranked higher than her on Rolling Stone’s “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time” chart. Chaka Khan placed 29th on the list while singers such as Diana Ross, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and Mick Jagger all ranked higher than she did. In her apology, Khan explained:

“Recently, I was asked about a list of the ‘greatest singers of all time’ and instead of questioning the need for such a list, I was pitted against other artists and I took the bait. As artists, we are unfairly put into ‘boxes’, ‘categories’ or on ‘lists.’  Being an artist or musician is not a competition.  It’s a gift, for which I am truly grateful.”

Chaka Khan

The 69-year-old added:

 “It was not my intention to cause pain or upset anyone. To anyone that felt this way, I sincerely apologize. Thank you for all the love everyone has shown me, unconditionally. I have always been about empowering others and I started a foundation for that very purpose. I will be announcing soon. Empowering all artists is most important because we truly are the architects of change…and change begins within the heart.   I love you all and God bless – Chaka #chakakhan”

According to reports, when Khan found out Mariah Carey ranked No. 5 on the list, she disclaimed:

“That must be payola or some sh*t like that.” 

She also threw shots at Mary J. Blige who ranked No. 25 on the list:

“They are blind as a m*th*rf*ck*ng bat! They need hearing aids … these must be the children of Helen Keller!”

Khan is known to be a tough critic when it comes to music. As previously reported, the “Queen of Funk” mogul criticized the use of auto-tune when generating R&B music. She said:

“There’s some very fine young artists out there doing great great work that I am impressed with.”

Khan, born Yvette Marie Stevens, continued:

“But the others, they just need to get them a job at the Post Office — they are always hiring!” 

She added:

“People are using Auto-tune. They need to get to the Post Office quick.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill