Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Jackson Calls Out Chris Rock For ‘Harassment’ Following Jokes Made About His Family During Comedian’s Netflix Special 

Taj Jackson, Chris Rock

Michael Jackson’s Nephew Taj Jackson Calls Out Chris Rock For ‘Harassment’ Following Jokes Made About His Family During Comedian’s Netflix Special

Taj Jackson is glad Will Smith slapped Chris Rock!

During his Netflix special “Selective Outrage,” comedian Chris Rock made fun of music lovers who still listen to Michael Jackson’s music but refuse to play a song from R. Kelly. Following the release of the viral stand-up performance, Taj Jackson, the nephew of the late pop singer Michael Jackson, took to Twitter to speak out against Chris Rock and his jokes. On Monday (Mar. 6) Taj Jackson, 49, wrote:

“Chris Rock has used my family as punching bags for his entire career. Yet I am supposed to feel bad for him getting slapped and humiliated on the Oscars.”

He continued:

“After seeing a new clip of him attacking my dead uncle in the first minutes of his “Retaliation-I’m still relevant ”special, I have 3 things to say. 

  1. What did my family ever do to you to warrant these decades of harassment and your constant bullying disguise as jokes? 

  2. Just because you were bullied early on in life doesn’t give you the excuse to bully others now. 

  3. Thank you Will Smith.”

Chris Rock’s Netflix special “Selective Outrage,” debuted on Mar. 4. During the live show, the stand-up comedian addressed a few controversial topics; including Will Smith’s infamous Oscar slap. As previously reported, last March, Will Smith hopped on stage at the Academy Awards to slap Chris Rock after the comedian made a controversial joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

In addition to addressing the slapping incident, Rock also shared his opinion on R. Kelly being labeled a disgraced singer by the public. The stand-up comedian said:

“I have no problem with it at all. I’m all for social justice. I’m all for marginalized people getting their rights.”

Rock continued:

“The thing I have a problem with is the selective outrage. Everybody, you know what I’m talking about. One person does something, they get canceled. Somebody else does the exact same thing, nothing.”

The 58-year-old then said:

“You know like the kind of people that play Michael Jackson songs but wont play R. Kelly? Same crime, one of them just got better songs.”

Reportedly, Michael Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse by a 13-year-old boy in 1993. A year later, Jackson settled the lawsuit against him. In the past, the singer claimed he settled the lawsuit so he can have a successful career, not because he was guilty.

In 2002, a child cancer patient was invited by Jackson to be featured in his documentary “Living With Michael Jackson.” In the film, Jackson and the minor were spotted holding hands and were asked about the appropriateness of a grown man having sleepovers with a child. Jackson alleged it was not sexual and said it was a “beautiful thing.”

On December 18, 2003, the “Man In The Mirror” singer was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent for the purpose of committing a felony. Two years later, a Santa Barbara jury found him not guilty on all charges.

Michael Jackson

As previously reported, on June 29, 2022, R. Kelly, born Robert Kelly, was found him guilty of all counts of racketeering and sex trafficking and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Upon his release, he’s mandated to receive mental health treatment along with mandatory therapy sessions for a sexual disorder.

On Feb. 23 he was also sentenced to 20 years in prison in a Chicago federal courtroom on charges of child pornography and the enticement of a minor.

19 years of the 20-year prison sentence will be served concurrently (at the same time) as his other sentence. However, one year would be served consecutively — after that sentence is complete.

R.Kelly mugshot

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill