Jonathan Majors Set To Star As Dennis Rodman In Upcoming Film ’48 Hours In Vegas’

Jonathan Majors, Dennis Rodman

Jonathan Majors Set To Star As Dennis Rodman In Upcoming Film ’48 Hours In Vegas’

Actor Jonathan Majors just booked an iconic role.

According to reports, it has been confirmed the “Creed 3” star will portray NBA legend Dennis Rodman in his upcoming film.

The movie, titled “48 Hours In Vegas,” is set during the 1998 Chicago Bulls championship. If you recall, Dennis Rodman who played for the Midwest team at the time, infamously went missing. It was later discovered the athlete spent the time partying with then-girlfriend Carmen Elektra in sin city. The conversation about the ordeal was re-sparked during Michael Jordan‘s 2020 docu-series about the NBA championship team titled “The Last Dance,” where the basketball icon stated:

“I’m looking at [head coach] Phil [Jackson], ‘You ain’t gonna get that dude back in 48 hours. I don’t care what you say. He’s done.’ He leaves that room, goes straight to the airport, boom! We don’t hear or see Dennis for 48 hours,”

Back in September of last year, it was initially reported that Jonathan Majors, 33, was the “likely” candidate to secure the role. With the success of co-star Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut, it’s no wonder he landed the part in the end. As we previously reported, the third installment to the “Rocky” spin-off series – which debuted last weekend – boasted a huge box office opening, earning over $100 million in the global market.

It’s noted in the report that Rodman is listed as an executive producer on the movie, but there are no details on production or release at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson