Motown Singer Martha Reeves Raising $55K To Get Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Martha Reeves

Motown Singer Martha Reeves Raising $55K To Get Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Motown singer Martha Reeves is calling on fans to help her secure her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, nearly 2 years after being selected.

In 2021, the “Dancing in the Street” singer was selected by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce after getting nominated by a former manager. However, the walk of fame plaque costs about $55K, and Martha Reeves could not afford it. Costs for the plaque and ceremony are often covered by a record label or some studio, but that wasn’t the case for Martha.

Now, her new manager, Chris Roe, has launched a public campaign to raise funding before the June deadline. Chris claims Martha’s former manager didn’t realize how hard it would be to get the Hollywood star, noting they “wasted a year of fundraising time.” Chris is shooting towards the $55K goal by working with corporations and private benefactors.

Martha Reeves was the lead singer of the Motown girl group Martha and the Vandellas, cranking out over a dozen hits during their successful career. Her group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and she’s celebrating 60 years in Motown this year.

In recent years, there have been several big-name celebs who have received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Back in 2020, just one day before his 50th birthday, comedic actor Anthony Anderson received his star with his family members by his side. In a previous interview, he told Jimmy Fallon he was supposed to get the honor in 2019, but he changed it to coincide with his milestone birthday. He said back then,

“It’s a hell of a milestone and I want more than 10 people around me to celebrate my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Anthony Anderson

In 2022, late rapper Nipsey Hussle received a star on what would have been his 37th birthday. That same year, Ashanti, DJ Khaled, and Michael B. Jordan were also awarded their own star.

Nipsey Hussle

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Authored by: Monique Nicole