Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies In Fugees Member Pras Michel Conspiracy & Embezzlement Trial

Leonardo DiCaprio, Pras Michel

Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies In Fugees Member Pras Michel Conspiracy & Embezzlement Trial

Leo has taken the stand!

According to reports, famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio has finally given his long-awaited testimony in the conspiracy and embezzlement trial against Pras Michel.

If you recall, the Fugees member, real name Prakazrel Michel, is accused of playing a major role in the Malaysian 1MB money laundering scandal allegedly orchestrated by businessman Jho Low. Reportedly, Jho Low stole billions from the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund and used it to carry “favor with actors, models, and politicians in the United States”.

Prosecutors argue that Pras Michel helped Low recruit US celebs into the plot, and knowingly accepted embezzled money for his participation. Additionally, the Grammy Award-winning musician is accused of attempting to influence former President Donald Trump‘s administration to drop their investigation into Low’s scheme for a high monetary payout. It’s reported that Michel received anywhere from $8 million to $40 million through his dealings with Low.

Reportedly, Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio was called by prosecutors to strengthen their argument against Michel. The report notes:

“It’s likely that prosecutors are using DiCaprio as a charismatic figure to both explain the extent of the alleged Malaysian money scheme, and also to bring star power that would outshine even Michel.”

Leonardo DiCaprio took the stand on Monday (April 3rd) and reportedly gave an hour-long testimony. During his statements, the “Titanic” star explained he met Low through then Malaysian prime minister Najib Raza around 2010 and was immediately fond of Low. He reportedly referred to the businessman as being:

 “a sort of a prodigy in the business world and ultra-successful”

DiCaprio also recalled Low being very generous. He allegedly participated regularly in auctions that helped the entertainer raise money for his DiCaprio foundation. It’s reported that Low also made a significant contribution to fund the actor’s 2013 role in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

As far as Michel goes, DiCaprio reportedly testified to meeting the Fugees member at a concert in the 90s. However, the majority of the testimony surrounded his relationship with Low, who is currently at large. Pras Michel has maintained his innocence and has kept his non-guilty plea. Should he be convicted, he reportedly faces up to 22 years in prison.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson