Tyrese Held In Contempt, Ordered To Pay Over $600K For Back Child Support & Ex’s Attorney Fees

Tyrese, Samantha Lee Gibson

Tyrese Held In Contempt, Ordered To Pay Over $600K For Back Child Support & Ex’s Attorney Fees

Tyrese continues to fight through his ongoing legal battles.

Reportedly, Judge Kevin Farmer recently held Tyrese in contempt of court for refusing to pay his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, back child support payments. 

On Tuesday (Apr. 25), the singer appeared in a Fulton County courtroom to argue against the $10,000 a month he was ordered to pay Samantha last August to help financially support their child. Reportedly, Tyrese feels the ruling was unfair because the judge presiding over his case is allegedly “racist and biased.”

However, despite the “Sweet Lady” singer’s allegations against Judge Farmer, he was ordered to pay his ex a total of $237,944 in back child support and $399K for Samantha’s attorney fees. He also has to cover a $17K bill for the special master, which is a mediator –appointed by the judge – who handles disagreements during a case.

Reportedly, Tyrese has been paying child support but only a little over $2K/month. The $237K reportedly represents the monthly difference he owes, plus interest.


Tyrese,Samantha Lee

However, Tyrese stated that the $10,000 is unreasonable because his ex-wife makes enough money to support her lifestyle and the needs of their child are “beyond met.”

While on the stand, the actor said:

“We also were hoping to accomplish shedding light on Samantha Gibson making well over $100,000 a year outside of what I make per year and the necessary needs of the actual child are beyond met.”

Tyrese clarified that he’s aware he won’t be reimbursed for the money he already coughed up if the court reverses the ruling.


Tyrese’s attorney Tanya Mitchell Graham plans to file an appeal once the judge’s order is entered, according to reports. Her motion for a new trial is set to be heard next month.

Tyrese and Samantha Lee Gibson married in 2017 and share one child, daughter Soraya Lee Gibson, together. In September 2020, Samantha Lee Gibson filed for divorce.

Tyrese initially requested joint, physical, and legal custody of their daughter. He also demanded a final say on non-medical emergencies for their child. 

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill