Actor Hosea Chanchez Reveals He Was Molested At 14 By A Friend’s Father

Hosea Chanchez

Actor Hosea Chanchez Reveals He Was Molested At 14 By A Friend’s Father

Actor Hosea Chanchez, most known for his role as Malik Wright on The Game, has vulnerably revealed shocking news about his past.

He took to Instagram to and posted a photo of himself in high school and told his story of being a victim of sexual assault. He said the incidents occurred when he was 14-years-old and were allegedly by the hands of a friend’s father.

“About a year or so ago I remembered something I’d tried my whole life to forget. Actually I didn’t try, I intentionally forgot. I remembered the conversation I had with myself when I was around 14. I convinced myself that no one needed to hear about this, people will judge me, people won’t care either way and the truth could only hurt me, my family and everyone else’s families. So I locked it away, until now.”

He recalled getting a ride home from his friend’s father who Chanchez said was,

“seemed insistent upon dropping me off himself. It seemed odd until I later realized he had been preparing me for this long ride home.”

A week before that fateful day, the father asked him the kind of girls he liked and if he was still a virgin. He also referenced Chanchez’s private areas and what he assumed about his sex life.

“I didn’t know it at the time but he was trying to see where my boundaries were, He was using a false hyper masculinity as a way to sniff out my comfort level with sex and privacy.”

Hosea Chanchez

Chanchez added that this was only the first time this was a topic of conversation. He also noted that the father only asked him these questions when they were alone.

He continued and said,

“He knew my father wasn’t in my life and my mother was a single mom, so he would always tell me I was like his other son, so I can trust he’s always looking out for me. Further building my trust and commitment to his predatory agenda.”

He goes on to point out that he already knew something wasn’t right on the day he said hwas molested. Instead of taking Chanchez home right away, he pulled over on a dirt road and said he wanted to discuss Chanchez’s future plans, noting that he worked at a university.

“Then out of nowhere he said he wanted to see what the girls are going crazy over…”

Chanchez said that’s when the father molested him, and told him to trust him.

“I was 14, a young boy, a child. I’m choosing to come forward with it now in hopes that my TRUTH helps me to free someone else from guilt and shame at the hands of a predator, rapist, pedophile. I hope it helps to stop someone else from being molested, raped, assaulted and taken advantage of as a kid.”

He went on to expose the alleged man and said,

“In an effort to heal the damage that’s been done I’m choosing to expose him now, to finally hold this man accountable for his actions. ISAAC SANDERS (from Montgomery Alabama) is a disgusting pervert, a punk, a coward, a sexual predator, a rapist and worst of all he’s a pedophile!”

Thoughts and prayers with Hosea! 

Authored by: Char Patterson