NYC Attorney Fired After Violently Snatching Wig Off Black Woman  

NYC Attorney Fired After Violently Snatching Wig Off Black Woman  

An NYC attorney is out of a job after he physically assaulted a woman on the street.

Earlier today (May 30) Leader Berkon Colao & Silverstein LLP released a statement and shared that an associate from their New York City office has been fired for his “inappropriate behavior.”

Over the weekend a viral TikTok was shared of the associate — a man named Anthony P Orlich — being confronted for maliciously snatching the wig off of a Black woman, TikToker/musician who goes by the name Lizzy Ashliegh.

Lizzy Ashliegh

The NYC singer wrote over the clip,

“This man just took off my wig and kept on walking. There’s demons in NY, I SWEAR!” 

In the video, Lizzy Ashliegh attempted to receive an explanation as to why Orlich wrongfully removed her hairpiece. However, after not receiving an answer, the Brooklyn musician continued to question Orlich. She frustratingly asked,

“Sir! For what f*cking reason?!”

Lizzy Ashliegh then screamed,

“For what reason did you take my wig off?”

Lizzy Ashliegh

She continued,

“What made you think that was the good thing to do? Why’d you do that? What makes you think that that’s OK?”

After the man seemingly cut a smirk on his face, Lizzy fired back,

“It’s not funny. You don’t even f*cking know me. Do you hate women or something?”

While the alleged attacker’s friends appeared to try to get him to apologize to Lizzy for the offense, he refused to acknowledge what he had done. In the footage, Orlich is seen repeatedly asking his friends,

“[Apologize] For what?”


Pardon my French but he needs one good ass whooping !!! ???

? original sound – Lizzy Ashliegh

In a follow-up video, Lizzy shared the damage the snatching of the wig caused to her neck. Because her natural strands had been attached to the headpiece using combs, it required a lot of force to snatch the wig off, according to Lizzy. 


Replying to @talia this is infuriating. It wasnt just a swoop and off .. look at this. He yanked my neck ? and yes his blank response is alarming! I truly wanted an apology or an explanation ????? not anymore.

? original sound – Lizzy Ashliegh

After notifying authorities, Lizzy shared another update with her followers and added,

“I went to the doctor… the doctor said my neck area is very tense…”

At the end of the clip, she noted that her doctor prescribed her muscle relaxers to relieve the tension in her neck.


Replying to @ANI-PHANTOMl my next is tensed up and feels inflamed the doctor confirmed ill be fine in 3-10 days its stress from the event. (I can hear the trolls now ?) Some of yall need some serious healing!

? original sound – Lizzy Ashliegh

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely