DJ Envy Speaks On Drama w/ Gunplay, Claims Attorneys Have Reached Out Over Rapper Recording Their Private Conversation & Posting It Online: ‘You Gotta Be Smarter’

Gunplay, DJ Envy

DJ Envy Speaks On Drama w/ Gunplay, Claims Attorneys Have Reached Out Over Rapper Recording Their Private Conversation & Posting It Online: ‘You Gotta Be Smarter’

Could the drama between rapper Gunplay and DJ Envy turn into a legal battle?

Yesterday (May 29), rapper Gunplay uploaded a video recording of a phone conversation he recently had confronting radio host DJ Envy. The heated exchange between the pair seems to stem from DJ Envy’s ongoing battle with Rick Ross over who will have the better car show.


In case you didn’t already know, “The Breakfast Club” host and rapper Rick Ross are both planning similar events with their upcoming car shows. What started out as a friendly competition swiftly turned into a feud in the media.

In a previous radio segment, Envy slammed Rick Ross for claiming to be the boss but allowing his friend Gunplay to start a GoFundMe for his child’s medical expenses. Gunplay is also signed to Ross’ Maybach Music Group record label.

Rick Ross

While addressing the previous report that Gunplay created a GoFundMe for his daughter, seemingly speaking in the same tone as Ross, Envy said,

“If that’s your brother you take care of your brother.”

He then told his co-host Charlamagne tha God,

“I would never in a million years allow you to do a GoFundMe.”

Following Envy’s remarks, Gunplay took the time to speak with the radio personality over the phone in an attempt to set things straight and obtain an apology. However, unbeknownst to Envy, the conversation was recorded. In addition to threatening to “slap the sh*t” out of the media personality, the MMG Group artist said,

“What did I have to do with anything? And my wife posting the GoFundMe man. My baby was sick, man. She had a heart defect, my brother. That has nothing to do with cars.” 

Later in the clip, the DJ attempted to hash things out with the rapper and apologized for his remarks.

(click here to see footage)

However, Gunplay (seemingly) uploaded the audio to his IG account because he wanted a public apology from Envy. Today (May 30) “The Breakfast Club” addressed the leaked conversation. According to Envy, his public apology was delayed because he’s been away from his radio duties on a brief vacation.

During the conversation, he also said,

“I didn’t mention his wife and child and I didn’t put the information [out] about his GoFundMe, he did.” 

After noting they “got off the phone positive,” he continued,

“But then when you record a phone call, I just thought that was chasing something else.”

He added,

“Another thing people got to understand — and this is a side note — it is against the law to record somebody’s phone conversation and not tell them. That is against the law…So now, district attorneys from Flordia [have] been calling me like crazy because you’re not allowed to tape somebody’s phone call and put it out. Like, you gotta be smarter.” 

Before the segment ended, Envy did offer a final apology to Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, for his initial remarks.


As previously reportedVonshae Taylor-Morales put together a GoFundMe account to receive donations to financially help their family after her and Gunplay’s newborn daughter underwent open heart surgery. She previously wrote,

“As you can imagine, medical bills are at an all-time high even with insurance coverage. On top of basic living expenses and now her aftercare that will need to be managed for the rest of her life. We are asking for donations and prayers for our princess.”

Gunplay & Vonshae Taylor-Morales

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely