Moneybagg Yo Reveals He Was Unfaithful To Longtime Girlfriend Ari Fletcher, Social Media Reacts: ‘Cheating & Lying Is A Choice’

Moneybagg Yo Reveals He Was Unfaithful To Longtime Girlfriend Ari Fletcher, Social Media Reacts: ‘Cheating & Lying Is A Choice’

Rapper Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher may be a power couple to the public, but they stand firm on the fact that they aren’t perfect.

Recently, Moneybagg Yo sat down for a candid conversation with famed radio personality Angie Martinez, and confessed to cheating on his girlfriend of four years, Ari Fletcher.

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher

If you didn’t know, Moneybagg Yo and influencer Ari Fletcher began dating in 2019. Throughout their controversial romance, many have suspected that the Memphis-born rhymer hasn’t been the most faithful, which stems from the pair’s (seemingly) on-again, off-again relationship.

Just last year, the two had reportedly called it quits but gotten back together prior to Fletcher (who is the mother of fellow rapper G Herbo’s oldest son, Yosohn) revealing that they’d suffered a miscarriage.

In February, rumors swirled that a tape of Yo engaging in sexual acts with another woman had hit the internet. However, he quickly denied the accusations and stated that it was “not him” in the viral screenshot of the footage.

Moneybagg Yo

During his interview with Angie Martinez, however, Yo admitted to having his share of infidelity in his relationship with Fletcher and shared how they are working through it.

According to the 31-year-old musician, he has grown newfound respect for the Chicago native after the unfortunate occurrence. He vaguely started off on the subject by saying:

“I made some mistakes. You know what I’m saying? I made poor decisions. And that’s why I rock with her so tough… like, I rock with her so tough like… she helping me through that situation.”

The “On Wat U On” phenomenon went on to add how his partnership with 27-year-old Fletcher is something he’s never experienced before, which contributed to his mess-up. Yo continued,

“I was just being a n*gga–a, n*gga that like, comes from Memphis and my environment. That’s what I was used to; I had never been in no real relationship before. You know what I’m saying? I had never been in no real relationship to where like I’m talking to [my girlfriend] all night, I’m checking in… and yo, like, ‘Baby, I’m doing this, you good? I’m finna be doing this, so you ain’t gotta be thinking this or this and that.’ Like, this was like so new to me.”

Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher

But… although the lovebirds are now in a stage of “healing” together, Moneybagg Yo expressed that it’s been a very tough obstacle to overcome.

When explaining how Fletcher found out about his unfaithfulness, he detailed,

“It’s different when you have the person like call [your girlfriend] and try to tell [her] everything. Like, ‘He did this and this, and he was doing this. Did you know he was doing this? This and that.’ So, that made it even worse on her. But I kept it G, though. I just kept it G. Like, ‘Yeah, you know, I did that. I’m sorry, baby.'”

Yo’s mishap went down 7 months ago, and he acknowledged that his apology to Fletcher is coming from a “pure place. ” Apparently, he has hopes that he and his lady can continue to move forward, as he elaborated that Fletcher is aiding him while they deal with the aftermath of his mistake.


Of course, subsequent to Yo’s confession, social media erupted with opinions about the matter. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Despite Yo assuring that he’s learned his lesson from the last time, yesterday, he took to his Twitter with a now-deleted tweet that read:

“Don’t Go Through My Phone IF You Don’t Want Yo Feelings Hurt.”


No response from Fletcher regarding his tweet or the interview just yet.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell