Exclusive: Rohan Marley Denies Harassment & Wrongful Termination Claims From Ex-Employee: ‘She’s A Horrible Person’

Rohan Marley

Exclusive: Rohan Marley Denies Harassment & Wrongful Termination Claims From Ex-Employee: ‘She’s A Horrible Person’


theJasmineBrand exclusively reports that Rohan Marley — son of Bob Marley — is setting the record straight surrounding recent claims that he harassed and wrongfully terminated an ex-employee.

As previously reported, Rohan Marley is being sued by Chloe Villano for Quid Pro Quo Harassment, a hostile work environment, and wrongful termination.

Rohan Marley exclusively spoke with theJasmineBrand and denied the allegations.

During his conversation with us, Rohan described Chloe as a “horrible person.” 

He also shared alleged text messages between himself and Chloe seemingly discussing their business arrangement. In the alleged messages, Chloe promised to bring “big” deals to the table and also made it clear that she wanted to work “directly” with Rohan instead of another staff member.

Rohan Marley

While speaking with us, Rohan Marley expressed his frustrations.

He said,

“This is why she’s mad. Nothing about anything else. She wanted more than she earned…Claims she has all the deals, but no deals.”

Rohan wanted us to know,

“Not everything people say you must believe.”

In regards to their business arrangement, Rohan claimed he gave her a “sweet deal.” 

According to the businessman,

“[Chloe is] mad I told her to work as she wishes and to bring the deals. I would give her 10% of any deals that she brought to the table.”

He continued,

“She brought zero deals. This was the issue. All mouth about her history in cannabis but couldn’t provide any value.”

This is far different than what Chloe has stated. As previously reported, Chloe said she was employed by Rohan as he worked to launch his cannabis-centered brand, Lion Order. She expressed that he had a vision, but he allegedly lacked business acumen “especially as it related to navigating the complex logistical, regulatory, and legal hurdles associated with” a successful cannabis industry venture.

From March 2021 until her “unlawful termination” in March 2022, Chloe claimed she helped position Lion Order “for a successful launch.”

Chloe said that throughout her employment, she was forced to endure harassment based on her gender. She accused Rohan of being verbally abusive and “denigrating to [her] on a constant basis and spoke disrespectfully to her in meetings with” other bosses.

Allegedly, when she confronted the entrepreneur, he told her,

“I can speak to you this way because I am f*cking you.” 

While Rohan denied the allegations and spoke on their business relationship, he did not address having an alleged sexual relationship with Chloe.

Chloe is suing Rohan Marley for $6.25 million for her alleged damages.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole