Rubi Rose Hit w/ $300K Lawsuit For Allegedly Damaging Art Studio While Shooting Music Video

Rubi Rose

Rubi Rose Hit w/ $300K Lawsuit For Allegedly Damaging Art Studio While Shooting Music Video

The owner of an art studio is seeking compensation after Rubi Rose allegedly destroyed valuable art pieces while shooting a music video.

According to reports, Analia Saban, a well-known sculptor, is suing Rubi Rose, 25, through her creative space/studio. The rapper’s video directors and her label, HitCo, are also named in the lawsuit.

Rubi Rose

Analia Saban reportedly claims that Rubi Rose’s “TWORK” music video, which was shot in 2021, caused major damage to her Los Angeles property.

According to Saban, the music video involved a high-pressure fire truck hose that resulted in the destruction of her building and artwork. Allegedly, the water from the fire hose flooded the studio, causing at least six figures in total damages.

In addition, Hollywood Fire Authority, a company that rents firefighter equipment, is listed in the suit for (allegedly) not instructing Rubi and her team on how to use the equipment.

Analia Saban is suing for at least $300K in property damages.

Rubi’s lawsuit comes just a few months after the model was called out on Twitter over a tweet surrounding Ramadan.

As previously reported, the “Wifey” rapper expressed that she is “ready for Ramadan,” which occurs from March 22 through April 20 and is observed by Muslims globally as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community.

Given the rapper’s appearance, many social media users found the post offensive. Someone pointed out Rubi’s then-Twitter profile photo, which showed her bent over and covering her exposed private area with her hand. The Twitter user said,

“U bent over covering ya poom poom in ya profile pic , talm bout ready for Ramadan.”

rubi rose

Rubi apparently took the comment to heart, because she changed her photo to only display the color red.

She then shared a picture of herself wearing a red hijab, a traditional outfit worn by Muslim women, in a subsequent post.

Though most comments on the image were positive, many others urged her to remove her risqué Instagram photos, which she hasn’t done. Instead, she tweeted,

“Twitter & Ig really two different places lol”

It appears the social media influencer has yet to directly speak on the suit. However, earlier today (June 12) she tweeted,

“I hate a lame b*tch wit class”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely