NeNe Leakes Continues To Post Cryptic Messages Amid Rumored Breakup w/ Nyonisela Sioh + Says She’s Ready To Be In Her ‘Soft Era’ 

NeNe Leakes Continues To Post Cryptic Messages Amid Rumored Breakup w/ Nyonisela Sioh + Says She’s Ready To Be In Her ‘Soft Era’

NeNe Leakes once again appears to be letting the world know she’s a single woman.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum shared a video to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (Jun. 13), seemingly hinting at her rumored split from Nyonisela Sioh. She captioned the video “When a man ask you why you rather be single in 2023.”

In the clip, a woman goes on a mini-rant, saying she would rather be single,

“and dealing with less bullsh*t because y’all sat here and gave us so much bullsh*t on why we should be f*cking doormats to y’all emotions opposed to taking f*cking accountability for the fact that you ain’t healed yourself from the f*cked up sh*t your f*cked up *ss mama did.”

Nene leakes Instagram story

Insiders claim the (alleged) recent split between NeNe Leakes (real name Linnethia Leakes) and Nyonisela Sioh was amicable, however, the former reality television star has uploaded a slew of stories indicating otherwise. According to RadarOnline, she’s shared several posts about narcissists, including one that read:

“Narcissists do not have the ability to self reflect. They cannot see anything wrong with what they do and they only see fault in your reaction. They believe every argument is caused by you, because, to them, there was no problem with their action until you reacted to them. They 100% believe you are the problem and they are the victim.”

NeNe Leakes has yet to speak directly on the breakup rumors, but she did recently address people asking her to comment on “that subject.” In a video shared to her IG stories, she said,

“I kind of don’t [need to comment.] I am moving into my soft era and my main focus is my happiness. And I’m not the kind of person that holds grudges. Like any human, you get mad for a little while but then after that, you know, I kind of like to let it go and kind of just let God and move on.”

After sharing that for most of her life she’s been responsible for other people she added,

“I just want to for once, just be kind of in my soft era [and] maybe [have] somebody take care of me. I’m not sure, we’ll see what happens.” 


NeNe Leakes has also cleared her social media profiles of all photos featuring Nyonisela Sioh — the CEO of Nyoni Couture — whom she was first romantically linked to in December 2021. At the time, Sioh was married to Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh. In May 2022, Malomine filed a $100,000 lawsuit against NeNe, alleging the reality star had an affair with her husband. She claimed to be in distress and accused NeNe of dissolving her and Sioh‘s union.

nene leakes lawsuit

However, Sioh reportedly listed September 19, 2021, as the date of separation in his divorce petition.

Sioh has been NeNe‘s first public love interest since her marriage to her two-time husband Gregg Leakes. NeNe was married to Gregg Leakes for several decades before he died in September 2021 at the age of 66 after a battle with colon cancer.

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