Meagan Good’s ‘Cousin Skeeter’ Co-Star Robert Ri’chard Defends Her Relationship w/ Jonathan Majors: ‘She’s A Godly Woman’

Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good, Robert Ri’chard

Meagan Good’s ‘Cousin Skeeter’ Co-Star Robert Ri’chard Defends Her Relationship w/ Jonathan Majors: ‘She’s A Godly Woman’


Despite the public criticism surrounding her new relationship with Jonathan Majors, it looks like Meagan Good is getting the stamp of approval from an old friend.

Meagan Good‘s “Cousin Skeeter” co-star Robert Ri’chard has spoken out defending the actress and her new romance. During a recent interview, Ri’chard assured fans that Meagan has a good head on her shoulders and they should not be worried. He said,

“I think that she’s one of the most iconic people on the planet. We love Meagan Good, I think the entire world does. We use her as a standard for what beauty is inside and out and she’s a Godly woman so we have nothing to worry about.”

Robert Ri’chard


As for Jonathan Majors, Robert Ri’chard feels as though the public should wait until they receive all the evidence and facts before naming the Marvel star as guilty.

“This is America right? You should be innocent until proven guilty.”

When asked about Meagan Good’s judge of character, Ri’chard said,

“She’s been excellent her entire life. She’s always been associated with–leading men who are upstanding. Her last man that she associated with is like the leader of all of us as far as religiously. So she’s been a great judge of character.”

Meagan Good

In fact, Ri’chard doesn’t think Good would ever jeopardize her career or public image. He added,

“I don’t see Meagan ever putting herself in anything that would jeopardize how people see her, what she broadcasts. She’s a great great woman, she’s like a sister to me. “

The romance between Jonathan Majors and Meagan Good comes amid Majors’ ongoing legal troubles. As previously reported, Majors was arrested in March on assault, strangulation, and harassment charges after his then-girlfriend accused him of physically assaulting her. She was reportedly hospitalized with “minor injuries to her head and neck” and was ultimately granted a temporary order of protection following the alleged incident. Majors and his legal team have aggressively combated the allegations and denied that the entertainer is guilty of any wrongdoing.

Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good

Many fans of Meagan Good have expressed concerns via social media. Some accused the relationship of being a PR stunt to help Majors’ image amid his pending assault charge. However, new reports have confirmed the actors’ relationship is real and started after the serious claims against Jonathan Majors surfaced. According to an insider,

“Meagan and Jonathan have maintained a friendship for some time.”

Neither Jonathan Majors nor Meagan Good have spoken publicly about their relationship.

Jonathan Majors

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Authored by: Monique Nicole