DeVon Franklin Says He’s ‘Not Upset’ About Ex-Wife Meagan Good Moving On w/ Jonathan Majors But ‘There Are Feelings’

DeVon Franklin Says He’s ‘Not Upset’ About Ex-Wife Meagan Good Moving On w/ Jonathan Majors But ‘There Are Feelings’

Famed producer/speaker DeVon Franklin doesn’t have any “ill will” toward his ex-wife, Meagan Good, and her new boo, Jonathan Majors!

However, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, DeVon Franklin (seemingly) admitted that he does have a few “feelings” about it.

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good

When asked if the viral photos of Meagan Good and ‘Creed’ actor Jonathan Majors out in public together brought forth any level of “frustration,” DeVon Franklin simply told Charlamagne tha God,

“Upset me? No! No. She’s happy, that’s a blessing.”

Subsequently, fellow host DJ Envy jokingly fished to see if the 45-year-old secretly wished Jonathan Majors’ future movies would flop after hearing of his new relationship with actress Meagan Good.

Franklin shared,

“If I had that perspective, whatever I’m putting out, that’s what’s coming back. So, I’m not putting out [anything like that]. I don’t have any ill will to anyone in that regard, because I don’t have any ill will toward myself in that regard. So, no…there’s no hate!”

DeVon Franklin

Although Franklin stands by the fact that he isn’t praying on the downfall of his former partner’s budding romance, he briefly added,

“I mean… I think that, you know, there are feelings. And I’ll leave it at that.”

‘The Wait’ author didn’t go too much into detail about the situation, but he did confirm that he and Good are still great friends, and he doesn’t regret co-writing their book.

As you may know, in 2016, Franklin published the now-New York Times bestseller with the ‘Eve’s Bayou’ phenomenon while they were married, which spoke on their steps to maintaining a healthy union.

Earlier in the conversation, he respectfully said,

“Yeah! We’re still [friends]. I mean, of course! The love for us has not gone away. It’s just changed forms. So, yeah!”

Franklin and Good began dating in 2011 before tying the knot that following year. After nearly a decade together, in 2021, it was announced that the couple would be divorcing. Their split was finalized in June 2022.

Reports of Good and Majors becoming an item ignited a couple of months ago. The pair were said to have grown serious after “maintaining a friendship for some time.”

Good and Majors have been spotted by paparazzi in New York and Los Angeles. Not too long ago, they were even seen shopping in Morocco.

However Good and the ‘Lovecraft Country’ trouper has remained silent about their romance, as Majors is also still battling it out in court over an alleged assault against his ex-girlfriend.

Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell