Quincy Jones Cleared To Return Home After Beng Hospitalized For “Medical Emergency”

Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones Cleared To Return Home After Beng Hospitalized For “Medical Emergency”

Music legend Quincy Jones faced a health scare recently.

According to reports, the Motown Founder was rushed to the hospital this past Saturday (June 17th) following a complication from something he ate.

Quincy Jones, 90, was reportedly at his home in L.A. when he contacted paramedics after feeling ill. A rep reportedly stated the music legend was “having a bad reaction to something he ate”, adding:

“Out of an abundance of caution he called 911 for help,”   

Additionally, it’s noted in the report that Quincy Jones never lost consciousness and was “in great spirits” when medical professionals gave him the ok to return home. While neither Jones nor any of his family has spoken publicly about the situation at this time, the decorated artist has a history of beating the odds when it comes to life threatening health situations. If you recall back in 2015, Jones gave fans and loved ones a fright after being rushed to the the hospital due to shortness of breath and chest pains.

The famed music producers’ rep quickly put out a statement that reportedly read:

 “Quincy is fine. He had some shortness of breath and in an abundance of caution he went in for observation. He is fine though.”

Jones also shared in his 2018 documentary “Quincy” – released on Netflix – that he had suffered two brain aneurysm’s back in 1974 that nearly took his life. According to him, the health complication took two operations to correct, and left him with six steel pins in his head. Reportedly, Jones also shared in the interview that the same brain illness befell his mother, who unfortunately was a victim at the time. He reportedly stated in the doc:

“She was a brilliant woman who spoke several languages and had degrees from several colleges, but she had this condition that debilitated her, which today could’ve been controlled with medication. But at the time, during the Depression, they simply would commit you.”

Sarah Frances Jones

In a subsequent interview, Jones reportedly shared with media mogul and friend Oprah Winfrey that all of his scary health moments taught him to  “tell the people you care about how much you care about them”.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson