YNW Melly Continues To Face The Death Penalty After Being Denied Motion For Mistrial In Double Murder Case

YNW Melly Continues To Face The Death Penalty After Being Denied Motion For Mistrial In Double Murder Case

Rapper YNW Melly just suffered a loss in court.

According to reports, the 24-year-old is once again at risk of losing his life after a court judge denied his motion for the case to be dismissed as a mistrial.

Reportedly, attorneys for YNW Melly, legal name Jamell Maurice Demons, requested the case be thrown out following a chaotic testimony from the mother of the rapper’s ex-girlfriend Mariah Hamilton given last Thursday (Jun. 15). In case you’re unfamiliar, the musician is accused of fatally gunning down two of his friends/crew members YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser back in October of 2018. The report states that Felicia Holmes, who took the stand as a witness for the prosecution, is suspected of having first-hand knowledge about the murders. During her testimony, prosecutors reportedly shared an Instagram message sent by Holmes, suggesting she was offered a bribe not to testify in the case.

YNW Melly

The message reportedly read:

“The promises that were made to us by YNW for me to quit my job & they would take care of us were all lies. They didn’t want us talking with prosecutors but now they have all disappeared.”

And continued:

“I quit my job based on whatTrack & his or company said now look. We can’t go home. We spending all my money I worked for & they taking trips & enjoying life. If you think I was a beast before. Wait until this trial. I’m not holding anything back…They can call me Mz Snitch B*tch”

Despite the threatening message, however, it seems Holmes sang a different tune when she took the stand. According to reports, the court judge ruled her a “hostile witness” after she showed disdain for the prosecution, who she claimed ruined her life by making her testify. Following her testimony, Melly’s legal team reportedly motioned the judge for a mistrial, calling the hearing a “prejudicial fiasco” and claiming the prosecution failed to adhere to a court ruling about having Holmes read “out-of-court statements.” Ultimately, the judge denied the mistrial motion.

Reportedly, the trial is set to continue over the next few weeks as a jury deliberates whether or not Melly is guilty of double murder. He remains at risk of getting the death penalty should he be found guilty.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson