Gunplay Blasts GoFundMe Donors For Requesting Refunds After He Gifted Chain To Rick Ross: ‘You’re A Piece Of Sh*t & You’ll Die That Way’

Gunplay, Rick Ross

Gunplay Blasts GoFundMe Donors For Requesting Refunds After He Gifted Chain To Rick Ross: ‘You’re A Piece Of Sh*t & You’ll Die That Way’

Rapper Gunplay had some angry words for donors who requested their money back from his daughter’s GoFundMe after seeing him gift Rick Ross a chain.

In February Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, started a GoFundMe fundraiser for financial assistance after their newborn daughter underwent open heart surgery.

Gunplay and his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales

Fast forward to May, “The Breakfast Club” co-host DJ Envy was engaged in a car-show battle with Rick Ross. The two shared a few jabs at one another online as they debated who was going to host the better event. While dissing Rick Ross on air, the radio personality slammed the rapper for claiming to be the boss but allowing his friend Gunplay to start a GoFundMe for his child’s medical expenses. As you may already know, Gunplay is signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group record label.

After defending himself against DJ Envy, Gunplay shared a video online gifting the “Hustlin'” rapper an expensive-looking “appreciation” chain. Unfortunately, the nice gesture prompted people who donated to Gunplay’s GoFundMe to request a refund.

During a recent appearance on the “We In Miami” podcast, Gunplay addressed the refund requests and angrily said,

“Every single one of you “pu**y a** h*** and f*** ni***s that went to GoFundMe and donated and went to get a f***** refund, you never gave it with your heart. You’re a piece of sh*t and you’ll die that way.”

He also spoke on those questioning the possibility of him using the proceeds from the fundraiser to buy Ross’ pricey gift. The TV personality continued,

“People that see me give my brother a gift, they automatically want to say that I bought that with GoFundMe money. N*gga had to pay that back. So now, if you really want to be for real, my n*gga, if a n*gga spent that on a chain, how the f*ck they got it right back instantly with no pressure?”


Later during the conversation, Gunplay said his family only received $15,000 out of the $30,000 that was raised. His wife also noted that due to people reporting the account, she had to print out an itemized bill to show the money collected fully went to their daughter’s medical expenses.

What are your thoughts on Gunplay’s reaction to people requesting their money back from his daughter’s GoFundMe? Let us know below. 

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely