Tisha Campbell Trolls Ex-Husband Duane Martin Over Messy Divorce

Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell Trolls Ex-Husband Duane Martin Over Messy Divorce

It looks like Tisha Campbell is all laughs when it comes to her split from her ex-husband, Duane Martin.

On Tuesday (July 11), Tisha Campbell took to TikTok and shared a video of her playing around with a filter that ages you. While using the special effect, the “Martin” star couldn’t help but laugh as she took a jab at her ex.

Tisha said,

“This is not good at all. I look like my man left me, took all my money.” 

Her friend then interjected and jokingly said,

“That already happened,”

Seemingly mentioning her very public split from actor Duane Martin.


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As you may recall, Tisha Campbell married Duane Martin in 1996. They later separated in 2018 with Tisha filing for divorce the following year. The former couple shares two children together: Xen Martin, 21, and Ezekiel Czar Martin, 13.

Their split was certainly a tumultuous one. Tisha was granted a restraining order against Duane in January 2019, claiming he physically abused her for years. However, She dropped the restraining order a few weeks later.

Duane Martin also made his own claims and alleged that Tisha Campbell was careless with their children.

Their divorce seemed to die down in the public when she moved out of their home in October 2019 and shared a video on social media where she said:

“I’m free!”

Tisha Campbell-Martin, Duane Martin

While Tisha Campbell is now able to laugh at her divorce, that wasn’t always the case.

During a previous interview, she shared what it was like having to find herself again as a person following a nearly 30-year relationship.

Tisha Campbell said,

“One of the things that goes through your mind is who am I outside of this person? I took marriage, my wifely duties…and being a mother, that was at the forefront of everything. Career came second. I had to find myself.”

She added,

“It was complete devastation. It was disbelief, it was anger at times. It was literally five stages of grief, and then there was more than acceptance. It was acceptance of myself, I’m stronger than I really knew, and it was getting rid of any baggage, setting boundaries for myself.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole