Update: Jonah Hill Denies Forcibly Kissing Nickelodeon Alum Alexa Nikolas When She Was 16, Says Allegations Are A ‘Complete Fabrication’ That ‘Never Happened’ 

Jonah Hill, Alexa Nikolas

Update: Jonah Hill Denies Forcibly Kissing Nickelodeon Alum Alexa Nikolas When She Was 16, Says Allegations Are A ‘Complete Fabrication’ That ‘Never Happened’

Update: (Jul.13, 2023): Jonah Hill has denied claims from child star Alexa Nikolas that he forcibly kissed her when she was 16 and he was 24.

Hill’s lawyer — Marty Singer — said that the allegations from Nikolas were “a complete fabrication” and the situation “never happened.”

The attorney also called the former Nickelodeon actress a “demonstrably unreliable” source and,

“a serial accuser who has made assorted accusations against multiple men in the entertainment industry.”

Despite this, Nikolas isn’t backing down. She recently shared a clip from a “Punk’d” episode where actors Jonah Hill and Justin Long were drinking alcohol with girls they didn’t know were under the legal drinking age. Even though the moment was a planned setup against the entertainers, Nikolas has highlighted some of the questionable things Hill and Long said before they knew they were getting pranked by Ashton Kutcher.

She captioned the post,

“I found this episode of Jonah Hill and Justin Long beyond problematic and a clear example of how the patriarchy minimizes predatory behavior.”

She also posted a series of tweets slamming what Hill’s lawyer had to say.


Original story: (Jul.11, 2023): More accusatory claims about Jonah Hill’s alleged problematic behavior continue to come forward.

Following his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady slamming him for allegedly being “controlling” and “emotionally abusive,” actress Alexa Nikolas says she was also previously victimized by the film star.

Alexa Nikolas, 31, first made the claim shortly after Jonah Hill, 39, circulated headlines for the drama surrounding his previous romance. As we previously reported, the “You People” star’s ex Sarah Brady – who he dated from 2021 – 2022 – recently shared several messages pertaining to her time with the entertainer, claiming he was narcissistic and emotionally abusive. Encouraged by Brady’s choice to go public about the situation, Nikolas hopped on social media a few days ago (July 8th) to give her own account of allegedly being abused by the actor when she was just a teenager.

Alexa Nikolas

Taking to Twitter to give details of the situation, Nikolas wrote:

“After reading Sarah Brady’s admirable post about #JonahHill I just gotta say when I was 16 I got invited to a house party at #justinlongs house where he was living with some lame predator actor from CSI Miami…Anyways….#JonahHill came over at some point and we were all pretty wasted because of course the predators were feeding us minors a bunch of alcohol.”
“#jonahhill seemed to have his eyes on me because at one point I wanted a cig and he said he had one in his car “right outside”. Didn’t seem like too much of an effort so I trusted him. I went outside and he grabbed the cigs from his front seat…#JonahHill didn’t hand me the cig which I thought was weird and then as we walked back to the door I asked him for it and he said nothing but slammed me to the door and shoved his tongue down my throat. I was so appalled I pushed him off of me and ran inside.”

The “Zoey 101” star went on to state that she only went with Hill at the time because he said he didn’t want to “go all alone” to the vehicle, and she had to come if she wanted to smoke. Nikolas continued, condemning all who were present at the time and questioning why grown men would be hosting and giving minors alcohol at such late hours in the first place. According to her, she was only 16 when the incident happened, which she said everyone – including Hill – was well aware of. She added to her series of posts:

“I was 16 and #JonahHill was 24? Not okay.”

Nikolas has been a strong advocate against the predatory nature of the Hollywood industry for some time now. The TV star famously protested outside of the Nickelodeon studios last August, proclaiming that she didn’t feel “protected” as a child star on the network, and accused producer Dan Schneider of bullying and sexualizing child actors.

Fellow Nick actress Daniella Monet, who starred in the hit series “Victorious,” affirmed many of  Nikolas‘ claims, along with “iCarly” star Jeanette McCurdy. In her 2022 memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died,” McCurdy recalled Schneider allegedly offering her alcohol and massages as a minor to help ease the stress of her intense work environment.

During her social media thread, Nikolas also called out “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane for allegedly displaying predatory behavior, adding she’ll be open to discussing that after more time and therapy. Since airing out her alleged sexual assault with Hill, reps for Justin Long (who allegedly hosted the party that night), have claimed he had “no knowledge” of the incident. A statement from his rep reportedly read:

“This is the first time Justin has been made aware of this situation that allegedly happened nearly two decades ago. While Justin is sympathetic to any and all victims of any abuse, the simple fact remains he has no knowledge of what may or may not have happened concerning Ms. Nikolas.”

As for Hill, he has yet to respond to ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady’s claims of emotional abuse, it seems, however, his reps may have responded to Nikolas‘ accusations. The actress went on to tweet:

“#JonahHill “a complete fabrication”? Really? Are you sure you aren’t talking about your “boundaries”? Really disappointed in you bro. You are so early 2000s and super bad.”


“These bros all say the same sh*t….Yawwwwwwn”



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Authored by: Kay Johnson