Reality Star Hazel E Settle’s Divorce w/ Ex-Husband, Awarded Primary Custody Of Their Daughter & Agrees Not To Collect Monthly Child Support Nor Spousal Payments

Hazel E, Devon Waller

Reality Star Hazel E Settle’s Divorce w/Ex-Husband, Awarded Primary Custody Of Their Daughter & Agrees Not To Collect Monthly Child Support Nor Spousal Payments

Another celebrity couple officially bites the dust.

According to a recent report from Radar Online, “Love & Hip Hop” alum Hazel E recently finalized her divorce from her ex husband and settled all legal matters regarding to their split.

Hazel E

As we reported back in November of last year, Hazel E, real name Arica Adams announced she was leaving her marriage with Devon Waller two years after they said ‘I do’. Now, reports state that as of August 8th, the former pair are officially untethered and have successfully hashed out their post marriage affairs in court.

Hazel E, Devon Waller

Reportedly, Hazel will maintain primary custody of their daughter Ava Waller, 3, while Waller will have joint custody with visitation every other weekend. The report notes that the child’s father must

“maintain suitable accommodations for overnight visitation.”

Additionally, the pair agreed to split any medical costs for their daughter that isn’t covered by insurance. As far as child and spousal support goes, it seems the former VH1 star will not enjoy either. Reportedly, Hazel’s monthly gross income was reported to be $5,000 while Waller’s was reported as $1,200. Thus, he’d only be required to fork over $165 a monthly in care for their child. However, the report states that Hazel and Waller worked out a deal and she agreed not to collect monthly child support, and noted that she will not receive alimony either.

Hazel E, Devon Waller

Additionally, Hazel will reportedly retain ownership of her business Girl Code Inc, all her bank accounts and retirement plans, as well as a 2017 Dodge Charger they owned. The report notes, however, the car is planned to be sold and the former pair will split the proceeds. Hazel’s maiden name was also restored as part of the settlement.

Prior to them settling things, both Hazel and Waller made damaging claims against one another online regarding the reason for their split. Hazel claims she suffered mental and physical abuse throughout the marriage and said she ended things because she didn’t “want to be controlled”. Waller quickly disputed the claims, and in turn insinuated his then partner had been unfaithful in the marriage. Whatever the truth, it seems they were at least able to stop bickering long enough to come to an amicable separation agreement.

Hazel took to her instagram stories yesterday (August 9th) to “celebrate” her separation, toasting with friends in a video and stating:

“The judge just gave me the stamp of approval. I’m officially divorced!”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson