YouTuber Charleston White Stabs Boxing Opponent For Trying To Fight Him Outside The Ring + Later Jokes About The Incident On Live: ‘Put A Hole In His Head’

Charleston White

YouTuber Charleston White Stabs Boxing Opponent For Trying To Fight Him Outside The Ring + Later Jokes About The Incident On Live: ‘Put A Hole In His Head’

Internet personality Charleston White clearly stays ready for any altercations.

The YouTuber was recently caught on camera defending himself with a knife after his boxing opponent seemingly tried to attack him off guard.

According to reports, Charleston White was in Temple, Arizona for a boxing match when the incident went down. It’s reported that the 52-year-old was set to face off against boxer Suede the Plug God who has nearly 100k followers on instagram alone. Before the two men entered the ring, it’s reported that White maced the athlete the day before during their standoff, despite a little rough housing being a common practice in professional boxing. The following day, it seems Suede approached the comedy creator in a hotel lobby and shoved him, seemingly trying to instigate an unofficial match and possibly pay him back for the pepper spray ordeal.

White wasted no time, however, to pull out his knife “pig poker”, hitting the boxer with it several times across the head with it. Suede retreated from the situation after realizing he’d been struck with a blade. An individual who seems to have been with the athlete recorded the incident, and showed blood profusely leaking from the injury. Subsequently, Suede got into an elevator, seemingly leaving the situation. It’s noted in the report that there has been no indication their professional fight actually took place.

Once footage of the altercation began making its rounds online, unconfirmed rumors swirled that White had been disqualified from the fight. Though he didn’t address that directly, the internet personality did take to his YouTube live to joke about causing the man to “leak”, stating:

“That pig poker done put a hole in his head. Yea b***h a** n***a think y’all gone keep f***ing with me…you keep wanting to fight outside the ring…you want to fight again huh? I’ll change ya motherf***ing mind,”

Motioning the gesture he used to stab the man, he laughed and added:

“Had him leaking, had him leaking”

The situation with the boxer is reportedly not the only time White was confronted during his time in Arizona. Another video showed several individuals who seem to be fans of the late Nipsey Hussle urging the comic to keep the rapper’s name out of his mouth. White has been very vocal about his disdain for the “Victory Lap” artist, criticizing his street persona  from the perspective of a former gang leader. In the video, the individuals seemingly attempt to threaten White, but back off once he once again pulls out the mace.

It doesn’t seem that White addressed the aforementioned incident at this time. Additionally, it’s noted that both knives and mace are fully legal to carry in the state of Arizona.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson