Soulja Boy – YouTuber Charleston White Files A Police Report Against Rapper For Allegedly Threatening To Kill Him

Soulja Boy, Charles White

Soulja Boy – YouTuber Charleston White Files A Police Report Against Rapper For Allegedly Threatening To Kill Him

New details have surfaced surrounding the ongoing feud between Soulja Boy and media personality Charleston White.

The fallout between rapper Soulja Boy, 32, and YouTuber Charleston White, 52, has seemingly escalated to a legal matter.  On Wednesday (July 27), Charleston White uploaded a YouTube video revealing that he filed a police report against Soulja Boy and his artist Flo Malcolm for allegedly threatening to have him killed. While chatting on the phone with someone who appears to be on his legal team, Charleston White says:

“If you could put those two on the police report , Soulja making threats of having me killed.”

He adds,

“We got ‘em. They got something for bad muthaf**kas. It’s jail.”

According to reports, the initial altercation between the men occurred on July 22, in Miami during this year’s Rolling Loud Festival. Charleston claims that Soulja Boy and several of his associates confronted him about disparaging comments he’d previously made about the rapper during an interview with Say Cheese TV. He said,

“F**k Soulja Boy. Nothing about you is street. Let’s go back over your career, n***a. You got rap rivalries. You ain’t got no opposition, n***a.”

During the Rolling Loud confrontation, Charleston maced Soulja Boy and his crew.

In an Instagram live after the run-in, Charleston detailed what happened and shared Soulja Boy’s response to being pepper sprayed by him. He said,

“They don’t know if they’d been tased. They don’t know what had happened to they muthaf***in’ a**. I hit they muthaf***in’ a** one more time just for goodness sake. That n***a Soulja Boy said, ‘Bruh, you maced me?’ Yeah, n***a. That n***a said, ‘I just wanna talk.’”

Soulja Boy quickly jumped on his own Instagram live feed to respond to Charleston’s comments. He said,

“What the f**k? You n***as so scared of me. Y’all n***as gotta pull out pepper spray? Out your b***h purse? Runnin’ with pepper spray? I thought you n***as was gangstas.”

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy seemingly responded to the news that Charleston filed a police report against him by sharing a screenshot of the story with several rat emojis under it to his IG stories.

He also addressed the situation in a statement released to XXL Magazine. The rapper said,

“There’s no way he can press charges. He the one [who] started shooting pepper spray. Nobody threatened him, just laughed at him on Live.”

Soulja Boy

Should Charleston White have filed charges against Soulja Boy, or tried to resolve their issues peacefully without getting the law involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



Authored by: Dareise A. Jones