‘Soul Food’ Actor Michael Beach Opens Up About How “Awesome” It Is Living With Both His Ex-Wife & Current Wife In Resurfaced Clip: It Runs So Smoothly

Michael Beach, Elisha Beach, Tracey Beach

‘Soul Food’ Actor Michael Beach Opens Up About How “Awesome” It Is Living With Both His Ex-Wife & Current Wife In Resurfaced Clip: It Runs So Smoothly

Unconventional marriages don’t work for everyone, but they seem to do wonders for actor Michael Beach.

In a resurfaced clip, the TV and film star – along with his wife Elisha, gushed about what it’s been like living with his ex-wife.

Michael & Elisha Beach

The conversation took place around 3 years ago when the couple appeared on the OWN network docu-series “Black Love”. In case you’re unfamiliar, the show is a compilation of interviews with famous Black entertainers, discussing the ups and downs of married life. Michael Beach, who is well known for his roles in films such as “Lean One Me” alongside Oscar winner Morgan Freeman, appeared on the series with his wife of 16 years Elisha Beach.

Michael & Elisha Beach

During the episode, Michael revealed that he shares a home with his wife, their four children, and his ex-wife. He stated:

“In my house, I live, my wife lives, our four children lives, and my ex-wife lives.”
With an awkward smile, Elisha chimes in that the situation is “not normal”, but “works for us” before Michael continued:
“And it’s awesome. I don’t know why. I mean…if you had asked me that, you know, 15 years ago, or even 10 years ago, I’d have been like, nah. But it is– it runs so smoothly. It’s crazy.”


Michael wed his first wife Tracey back in 1990, right before reaching a critical point in his career, landing a part in the the star studded film “Soul Food“. The pair were together until 2006 and welcomed four children during their time married. Though the nature surrounding their romance coming to an end is unclear, Michael and Elisha were married the following year. Whatever the circumstances may have been, it seems everyone today has a great relationships with one another.

Tracey, Michael, & Elisha Beach

The celebrity wife went on to give her own account of how their living arrangement has been, praising Tracey for being a true helping hand during her pregnancy. She stated:
“It’s very odd but with his work schedule…[we’re] never knowing what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, where he’s going to have to be,”

The Beach Family

She continued:
“[When] Davis was born, and when Davis hit two months, he was in Australia, France, South Africa, Atlanta.  He was gone for, like, five and a half months. If Tracy hadn’t been here, I would have died or killed one of my kids….There was no way I would have made it through that time without her help– at all. It just would not have happened.”

Elisha w/youngest son Davis

It’s unclear whether or not the Beach family’s living situation has changed since, and it doesn’t seem Michael nor Elisha have reacted to the resurfaced clip at this time.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson