Sherri Shepherd Reveals She Quietly Had A Breast Reduction After Struggling w/ Back Pain + Explains Why Her Talk Series Has Returned Amid The Writers’ Strike

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd Reveals She Quietly Had A Breast Reduction After Struggling w/ Back Pain + Explains Why Her Talk Series Has Returned Amid The Writers’ Strike

Comedian Sherri Shepherd is back on daytime TV!

During the season 2 premiere of her popular talk series “Sherri,” the actress shared some exciting news with viewers and gave further clarification on her show as it relates to the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

Sherri Shepherd

The new season kicked off on Monday (September 18th). During the intro, Sherri Shepherd, 56, shared with her audience that while the show was on break she decided to make a major body change. She said:

“I been holding on to this secret since July 13th…all last season…pretty much my entire career, I get so many comments about my body and a lot of y’all kept saying, ‘Sherri, you’re too top heavy.’ And I would get comments like, ‘If you just got a boob job everything would be balanced,”

Sherri Shepherd

She added:

“So guess what? I got my boobs done!”

Sherri Shepherd

Shepherd went on to joke that everything in season 2 is going to be bigger, “except these boobs.” The TV star explained that while she had received many suggestions about downsizing her breasts, it was not outside influences that ultimately prompted her decision.

“To be clear, I did not get this boob job because of all the comments. I got the boob job because I just wanted to see what it felt like to sleep on my stomach…I’m so happy that I did it. I was a 42DD…I thought I was carrying around the weight of the world but really it was the weight of my boobs,”

Joking aside, Shepherd also shared how her larger breasts, which she dubbed her “best friends,” began to negatively affect her health and how much “lighter” she feels since having the surgery done. She said:

“They were so heavy, I was slouching all the time. It started becoming really painful, my back was hurting very badly…I feel better. I’m not gonna say I wish I had done this a while ago because timing is everything. God gave them to me, they served me well but now, as I get older, I can sit up straight. I feel lighter.”

Overall it seems the TV star is feeling good about the change and is excited to be back filming despite the current drama in Hollywood. As we’ve been covering, a few daytime talk shows like “Sherri” and “The Jennifer Hudson Show” received backlash for moving forward with their premiere dates amid the duel actors and writers’ strikes. Actress Drew Barrymore seemed to catch the most flack for her decision to continue filming and has since decided to stop production until the strikes end.

For Jennifer Hudson’s part, the EGOT holder’s series also announced they would not premiere their second season this month in support of the Writers Guild of America since her show, like Barrymore’s, did previously hire WGA writers. However, Shepherd’s show conveniently falls into an industry grey error, exempting her from this issue. She explained elsewhere in the episode:

“This summer you all may have seen your favorite actors and Hollywood stars have been on the picket lines with the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes…There has been so much confusion about who can work and who can’t work … The ‘Sherri’ show is not a WGA show and we have never employed WGA writers, so us coming back to work isn’t crossing the picket line.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson