Nipsey Hussle’s Ex Won’t Have To Turn Over ‘Unlawful’ Recording Of Late Rapper’s 14-Year-Old Daughter In Ongoing Guardianship Battle

Nipsey Hussle, Tanisha Foster

Nipsey Hussle’s Ex Won’t Have To Turn Over ‘Unlawful’ Recording Of Late Rapper’s 14-Year-Old Daughter In Ongoing Guardianship Battle

The family of Nipsey Hussle continues to battle in court with his ex over guardianship of his teenage daughter.

As previously reported, family members of the late rapper gained primary custody of his 14-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom in 2019 after he was fatally shot. Initially, everything surrounding the guardianship agreement between the family and the child’s mother, Tanisha Foster, seemed to be fine. However, in 2022, Foster filed documents to have the arrangement reversed. The legal paperwork reportedly accused Nipsey’s family of,

“using their financial position and influence to disregard their priorities by controlling the desires of Emani and Tanisha by withholding financial assistance and reducing visitation.”

Nipsey Hussle, Tanisha Foster and daughter

In addition, Foster also allegedly requested to have a “neutral experience financial planner” step in to handle Emani’s inheritance. Reportedly, the teen and Nipsey’s son Kross Asghedom, who he had with Lauren London, are the only beneficiaries of the “Double Up” artist’s estate.

Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London’s son

There have been a lot of claims thrown between Foster and Nipsey’s loved ones amid the custody dispute, including allegations that the entertainer’s ex is an unfit parent who previously admitted to having substance abuse issues.

More recently, William Spiller – the lawyer who was appointed in 2019 to represent Emani in the ongoing case – said that Foster has an “unlawful” recording of him talking to her daughter. According to Spiller, Foster submitted the tape to the judge during a November hearing. The attorney added that he requested for her to turn over the tape and the device it was recorded on to him, but she refused. He wrote,

“It cannot be stressed enough that such a recording is unlawful.”

Nipsey Hussle, Tanisha Foster

Despite Spiller’s issues with the recording, the judge has ruled that Foster hasn’t done anything unlawful and she won’t have to release the audio to him. Court documents also noted that Emani recorded the audio herself during a meeting she had with Spiller. Reportedly, Foster informed the court her child did so in order to show how her court-appointed lawyer was “twisting her words.” The judge allegedly added if he granted Spiller’s motion it could,

“open a Pandora’s box of concerns not the least of which is the privacy rights of the child herself and/or any other individuals with whom she communicated with via this device.”

Nipsey Hussle, Tanisha Foster

Foster has asked that Spiller be removed from the case, a motion Nipsey’s family has opposed. A hearing on the matter has been set for October.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel