Ariana Grande Calls Out ‘Straight, Old, White Men’ Running The Country: That’s Not Fair

Ariana Grande Calls Out ‘Straight, Old, White Men’ Running The Country: We’re Made Up Of Different, Diverse & Beautiful People

27-year-old hitmaker, Ariana Grande, is speaking up about the diversity in this country but lack of it when it comes to the people running our country.

The “Thank U, Next” singer who was admittedly ‘very nervous’ about the presidential race, expressed on the Zach Sang Show,

‘I really hope that we’re able to make a difference and take back our power this year.’

Ariana Grande

The actress and singer feels as though the people running the country is not a modern day reflection of the United States.  She said,

‘How are we gonna get this right for a country that is made up of so many different, diverse, beautiful people if the whole s**t is being run by straight, white, old men?’

Grande added,

‘That’s not fair. You know? How! How will we get this right?

Ariana Grande has been doing her part to make a change, though.  She partnered with HeadCount last year and actively participated in allowing her fans to register to vote while at her concert venues during the singer’s Sweetener tour.

It’s no secret that Nov. 3 was national election day between Joe Biden, 77, whose VP running mate is  Kamala Harris, a Black woman, and current U.S. president Donald Trump, 74, running side by side with Mike Pence.  The votes are still rolling in and being counted moment by moment, leaving the country on pins and needles awaiting the final count.

Do you agree that there needs to be more diversity among the leaders of the U.S. to reflect our current country?  Share your thoughts with us below.


Authored by: Robin Ayers