Shedeur Sanders Estimated To Earn $10 Million In NIL Deals If He Commits To Playing w/ Dad Deion Sanders At University of Colorado An Additional Year

Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders

Shedeur Sanders Estimated To Earn $10 Million In NIL Deals If He Commits To Playing w/ Dad Deion Sanders At University of Colorado An Additional Year

Collegiate football champion Shedeur Sanders could be in for an even heftier payday.

According to a sports insider, the star quarterback is poised to earn a potential $10 million next year if he chooses not to enter the NFL draft.

Sheduer Sanders

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt spoke about the 21-year-old’s estimated NIL value while visiting fellow sports personality Colin Cowherd’s show. The two commentators started off by discussing Deion Sanders’, Shedeur’s coach and father, recent comment that his son would not be going pro next year despite being eligible.

Cowherd argued that he couldn’t imagine telling the college athlete, who he noted may arguably be the “best player in the sport” currently, not to go pro. However, Klatt highlighted the very important point that due to college athletes now being able to earn money through NIL deals, Shedeur could potentially earn more than he would with an NFL rookie contract. He stated:

“It’s not as cut-and-dry as it used to be because of NIL…It’s not just ‘You have to go’….The rookie contract is not out of this world…becasue situation matters in the NFL,”


“There’s an element of the fact Deion is going to be there next year…Shedeur could think to himself ‘listen, I’m going to be with my dad and Travis and give this another year’…we think of NIL as ‘Oh yeah, he can make a couple million bucks.’ I think Shedeur might be able to make 10 million dollars…We have no idea what his ceiling is from an NIL perspective.”

Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders

As we covered earlier this month, Shedeur was already estimated to have one of the two highest NIL values among college athletes, only being second to NBA star Lebron James‘ son Bronny James. At the time, the report put the football star’s estimated annual income at $3.8 million.

Since the report was released, however, Shedeur’s worth has reportedly increased and is now valued at $5.1 million. Looking at the University of Colorado’s stellar start to their season, the jump is no surprise. The Sanders father-son duo has led the program to a current 3-0 record, which is already more wins than the team secured their entire last season.

Additionally, the school has managed to stir up significant interest in college football, amassing millions of viewers to tune in to watch their games. At this time, it doesn’t seem Shedeur has made his intentions clear about his future. If it’s up to his famous dad, however, Colorado fans will definitely be getting at least one more year with Shedeur heading the team.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson