Bronny James & Shedeur Sanders Score Top Two Spots On Highest-Paid College Athlete’s List

Bronny James, Shedeur Sanders

Bronny James & Shedeur Sanders Score Top Two Spots On Highest-Paid College Athlete’s List

These celebrity kids won’t need to look to their famous parents for financial stability.

Reportedly, basketball star Bronny James and football champion Shedeur Sanders are earning over six figures annually due to their high NIL values.

A recently released report covered the seven highest-paid collegiate athletes entering into the 2023-24 school year. Bronny James, real name Lebron James Jr., 18, topped the list, reportedly bringing in an estimated $6 million. As previously reported, the son of NBA icon Lebron James received his first big-budget sponsorship with Beats by Dr. Dre in 2022, while he was still in high school. The brand also sponsors his famous dad and released a commercial featuring the father-son duo last October.

That same month, Nike, who sponsors Lebron James as well, announced they would also be working with Bronny. It may come as no surprise that the young athlete tops this coveted list, seeing as though he secured major brand deals before playing a single college game.

The young hooper was expected to make his first collegiate appearance this coming season. However, his immediate future with the University of Southern California men’s basketball team remains unclear following his health scare.

You may recall that Bronny fell ill while practicing with the team back in July due to cardiac arrest. He was later discharged and said to have made a full recovery, though no updates about when he’s expected to be on the court have been given.

Second on the list is the son of former NFL star Deion ‘Primetime’ Sanders. 21-year-old Shedeur Sanders is reportedly being paid around $3.8 million yearly. After gaining major notoriety as the QB who led Jackson State University to back-to-back championships, the football star followed his famous dad’s move to the University of Colorado. If you recall, Deion Sanders, who coached JSU to those championships alongside his son, received major backlash for leaving the HBCU.

Since taking the helm, however, the Sanders father-son duo has dominated, winning their first two games of the season. With his increasing fame, Shedeur has reportedly continued to secure big brand deals for himself. Some of his sponsors reportedly include Beats by Dr. Dre, Under Amour, Gatorade, and Mercedes-Benz. It’s also reported that Shedeur is one of a very short list of college athletes sponsored by the most-winning football champion of all time Tom Brady. He inked a deal with Brady’s clothing company last October, according to reports.

The next five collegiate athletes on the list are; Louisiana State University gymnast Livvy Dunne, with $3.2 million, University of Texas football player Arch Manning, with $2.9 million, USC football player Caleb Williams, with $2.6 million, Shedeur’s fellow University of Colorado teammate Travis Hunter, with $1.8 million, and University of Oregon football player Bo Nix, with $1.7 million.

If the recent report was a little longer, there’s a good chance basketball star Angel Reese would’ve rounded off the group. As we reported earlier this year, the LSU champion is reportedly the highest-paid collegiate women’s basketball player, with an estimated NIL value of $1.3 million.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson