Tinashe Says She’s On To ‘Bigger Things’ While Addressing Feud w/ Chris Brown But Is Open To Talk If He ‘Wants To Reach Out’

Tinashe Says She’s On To ‘Bigger Things’ While Addressing Feud w/ Chris Brown But Is Open To Talk If He ‘Wants To Reach Out’

Tinashe is putting Chris Brown and any negativity in the rearview as she focuses on her future.

Despite recently feeling the wrath of Chris Brown, Tinashe has decided to take the high road. You may recall that Chris Brown recently shamed Tinashe’s musical catalog in response to remarks she made about their collaboration during an interview

Tinashe probably did not expect her candid conversation to cause such an uproar, but it did once Chris Brown got involved. Last week the “2 On” singer was asked a question about her past music collabs, which include controversial artists like R. Kelly and Chris

In her response, Tinashe referred to her song with R. Kelly, “Let’s Be Real Now,” as embarrassing. She continued and said she did not think Chris would be a good fit for their track “Player” because it’s a pop tune. However, her label at the time pushed for the collaboration.

On the surface, the comments seemed minimal, but they clearly struck a nerve with Chris and caused him to lash out at Tinashe. The “Under The Influence” singer came through with a challenge – name five Tinashe songs or die. He didn’t stop there, Chris added:

“She full of dat evil. Shawty career is nonexistent. What’s more embarrassing is that she worked with all these people and not one of us could save her career.” 

The hurtful clapback is not too surprising coming from Chris, as he’s been known to have a temper. Fortunately, Tinashe appears to have thick skin and is brushing off the negativity. She took a moment on Wednesday (Sept. 20) to address the situation and clear the air. Tinashe stated: 

“I think he probably didn’t actually watch the full video, but you know it is what it is…it’s fine, it’s all good.”

Tinashe managed to smile through the hate and even noted that she would be open to speaking with Chris. The “BB/Ang3l” singer shared:

“I would talk to him if he wants to reach out…it’s all love…it’s all good, we’re trying to, you know, be positive and move on to bigger things.”

Although Tinashe seems unfazed by Chris Brown’s comments, don’t expect to hear her sing their song together anytime soon. During her chat with the paparazzi, Tinashe let it be known that she doesn’t perform the song much these days and is sticking to her new tracks for upcoming shows. 

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Authored by: Shayla Farrow