Tori Kelly Says She Feels Amazing After Being Hospitalized For Blood Clots: ‘It Was Really Crazy & Scary’

Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly Says She Feels Amazing After Being Hospitalized For Blood Clots: ‘It Was Really Crazy & Scary’

Tori Kelly is feeling better than ever.

The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter was hospitalized in July after collapsing. During a recent appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Tori Kelly gave a health update and said,

“It’s been a crazy few months, a crazy year.”

She continued,

“I actually ended up collapsing one night and they found out that I had blood clots. It was really crazy and scary. My family was definitely there for me. I had a peace throughout most of it, but I was just kinda confused and wondering what was going on.”

Tori Kelly praised her “amazing doctors” for their ability to diagnose, treat, and get her well.

Singer and show host Jennifer Hudson questioned Kelly about whether she went back to work right away after leaving the hospital. Kelly responded that she could have chosen to postpone her comeback, but she decided to move forward with music she had planned to release that week — even though she was unable to market as normal.

Tori, the singer’s EP, was released on July 28. She called her new music “happy and fun.”

Kelly told Jennifer Hudson,

“Right when I was feeling better I got to go out on tour and actually do these songs live and have fun with the fans. Everything happens for a reason but I’m glad I was able to still put out the music.”

As previously reported, Kelly was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on July 31 after being rushed there in “serious” condition. Doctors discovered blood clots around her legs and lungs, though they were unable to identify what caused them.

It was reported that Kelly was enjoying dinner with friends in Los Angeles on July 23 when she passed out shortly after mentioning her heart was beating faster than normal. Kelly‘s friends apparently transported her rather than requesting an ambulance so that she could be sent to Cedars-Sinai, which is regarded as one of the top hospitals nationwide.

While on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Kelly also assured fans she’s much better and is on the road to recovery. She added,

“It seems like it’s a manageable thing now, I feel amazing. They’re still monitoring me, but yeah I feel great. I’m back to singing and back to doing my thing. I feel really good, I’m really grateful.”

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