Tyrese Facing $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over Remarks Made During ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview


Tyrese Facing $10 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over Remarks Made During ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

Singer/actor Tyrese was recently hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

In 2019 Tyrese Gibson tapped his on-again off-again friend Charlamagne tha God to conduct an interview between him and his then-wife Samantha Lee in Atlanta. However, the footage never saw the light of day. Last month the “Sweet Lady” artist appeared on “The Breakfast Club” and touched on the shelved project, which Charlamagne referred to as a waste of time. According to Tyrese, filmmaker Bryan Barber is the reason the project went south. In part, he said,

“The director who I hired…this n*gg* has taken the f*ck*ng footage and refused to give it back! I paid $35,000 total for this whole sh*t. Then I found out he did it to Big Boi, did it to Dallas Austin, did it to a couple n*gg*s. So, I don’t care if he sees this interview, ‘cause I’m too honest.”

(remarks start around the 42-minute mark)

Well, it looks like Bryan Barber saw what Tyrese said and wasted no time suing the entertainer for defamation, and libel. He’s reportedly seeking $10 million in damages. According to reports, the lawsuit argues that Tyrese attacked Barber’s “character and reputation” with his allegations. According to the director, he and Tyrese agreed the sitdown conversation would be filmed over a day and both parties “would split (on a 50/50 basis) the revenue derived from the streaming and/or other distribution.”

Bryan Barber

Barber says that despite the initial filming schedule, he was instructed to return for a second day of shooting to capture B-Roll footage of Tyrese “spending time with his wife and their newborn daughter.”

As far as the footage being held hostage, the suit claims that Barber was instructed by Tyrese’s management not to release any portion of the interview to protect the reputation of their celebrity client. The legal document also claims that Tyrese,

“refused to adhere to the previous 50/50 revenue split that he and Barber previously negotiated for the CTG Interview.”

Tyrese, Samantha Lee Gibson

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel