Joe Budden Calls Out Podcast Host Adam22 Over Underaged Sex Allegations: ‘What Type Of White Boy Pervert Sh*t Is That?’

Joe Budden, Adam22

Joe Budden Calls Out Podcast Host Adam22 Over Underaged Sex Allegations: ‘What Type Of White Boy Pervert Sh*t Is That?’

Media personality Joe Budden is not letting up on Adam22.

The fellow podcasters appeared on Joe Budden’s new AMP radio show recently, where Adam22 came under fire about his relationship with a woman he claims to have met when she was 16 while he was in his early 20s.

According to reports, Joe Budden decided to address the situation after Adam22 recently kicked guests off of his show for asking about aforementioned affair. Reportedly, two social media influencers who run the @officialpervbusters account appeared on the No Jumpers podcast, hosted by Adam22, and asked him about the relationship.

Apparently, Adam22 says he met the women at 16 but left her alone after a “single” phone conversation when he discovered her age. Later down the line, the two allegedly “happened” to rekindle when the woman was 19 and began a sexual relationship. While Adam22 avoided the topic on his show, Budden was eager to resurface the conversation. On his recently launched talk series Conversation Lovers Only, Budden reportedly grilled Adam22, stating:

“You said the girl was from wherever she was from, she didn’t know what she was doing; but you knew what you were doing,”

Joe Budden

He continued:

“You said, ‘I knew what I was doing, so I got away from her.’ Well… you didn’t get away from her if, by the grace of God, she ends up back in your life now that she’s OF age; you’re spending the night at her f*ckin’ mom’s house. What type of white boy pervert sh*t… what are you talkin’ about?”

However, Adam22‘s defense was that he didn’t “wait around” for the woman to come of age. He reportedly responded:

“What is the pervert sh*t about dating somebody once they are legal and of age?…I didn’t say a word to her for like three and a half years, and I mean that….I didn’t wait for anything, we just ended up reconnecting later on. So because I met her when she was underage, I shouldn’t have f*cked her even though she’s of age? Well, in retrospect I wish I woulda taken that advice, it woulda made everything a lot simpler, right?”


Reportedly, prior tweets made by Adam22 allegedly encouraging young women to sleep with older men also fueled the recent allegations. The podcast host says his tweets saying thing such as “My advice to any young girl out there: Sleep with much, much older men”; and “Getting raped is just a part of growing up” were “taken out of context”. Reportedly he added in his conversation with Budden:

“I had some edgy, jokey tweets from like 2008-2012 or some sh*t that; a lot of those are pretty f*cked up in retrospect…you remember Twitter back in the day and you know how f*ckin’ toxic it was.”

In the midst of the controversy, it’s reported that at least two No Jumper staffers cut ties with the series. It’s noted, however, that it’s unclear whether or not it’s due to Adam22‘s allegations.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson