Mahershala Ali Wanted To Leave ‘BLADE’ Due To Script Placing Him As The Fourth Lead In The Film

Mahershala Ali Reportedly Wanted To Leave ‘BLADE’ Due To Script Placing Him As The Fourth Lead In The Film

Mahershala Ali was allegedly ready to call it quits after Marvel’s writing mishap. 

Actor Mahershala Ali has had a challenging experience since stepping into his new Marvel role. As reported back in 2019, producer Kevin Feige announced that the Oscar-winning actor would be joining the Marvel family to play the infamous vampire slayer Blade, filling Wesley Snipes‘ shoes as the main character.

Since the exciting announcement, things seem to have been going differently than expected for a Marvel superfilm. We reported in 2020 that Marvel temporarily shut down production so they could find a new director due to scheduling conflicts, and the problems only just began to peak at that time. Mahershala Ali didn’t let the halt stop him from working. In 2020, Mahershala Ali appeared in the TV series Ramy. That role earned him an Emmy nomination. In 2021, Ali later starred in a Sci-Fi movie called Swan Song, starring alongside actor Ramy Youssef.

Once things seemed to be getting back on track to restart production for the Blade reboot, several writers and directors were brought on but then let go from the project for various reasons. Still, it was the most recent change in the script that caused Ali to allegedly want to walk away altogether. Reportedly, a source familiar with the project eluded that the film was shaping into something very different from the original narrative by stating that Blade morphed into a narrative led by women and filled with life lessons,” which resulted in Ali being demoted from principal lead to fourth lead in the film.

Needless to say, Ali was not happy with the direction in which the project was headed and reportedly opted to bow out before producer Kevin Feige, who worked closely with Marvel creator Stan Lee and understood the true vision for the remake, stepped in and made significant changes to keep the “Moonlight” star on board. 

In October (2023) Kevin Feige hired writer Michael Green, who co-wrote Marvel’s Logan and the Warner Bros. film Blade Runner 2049, to rewrite the script. 

Due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, production has not resumed, but the current release date for the movie is set for Valentine’s Day 2025. Surprisingly, the budget is less than $100 million, which is relatively low for a Marvel Studios film of this caliber. 

Currently, Mahershala Ali is still connected to the project, and for fans who have been patiently waiting for the California native to do what he does best and give an award-winning performance; this is excellent news. 

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