Jeezy Opens Up About Divorce From Jeannie Mai, Never Experiencing Unconditional Love, Being Molested, & His ‘Toxic’ Relationship w/ His Mother 

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeezy Opens Up About Divorce From Jeannie Mai, Never Experiencing Unconditional Love, Being Molested, & His ‘Toxic’ Relationship w/ His Mother

Rap star Jeezy got completely candid while discussing his life and divorce recently.

Sitting down for a conversation with actress Nia Long, the musician chatted about his complicated relationship with love and, expressed his current feelings about his ongoing divorce.

During the YouTube special titled, “I Might Forgive But I Don’t Forget,” Jeezy, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins, 46, first spoke about his trauma and being molested as a child. The “Soul Survivor” artist revealed that he was left with a babysitter “older” than he was who touched him in ways that “don’t normally happen to kids,” suggesting he was inappropriately introduced to sex.


The musician also shared that he was regularly exposed to violence as a child, enforcing a mentality that he always needed to protect himself. Additionally, Jeezy revealed that he lost his brother at a young age. When Long asked how his sibling’s death affected his mother, he replied:

“Me and my mother had a very toxic relationship…I feel like my mother, it came from her not being raised right. Very violent, very verbal, verbal cold…I was kind of on the outside because I looked so much like my father.”

Jeezy & his mother

The rapper went on the state that he left his mother’s home around 13 after she pulled a gun on him, revealing that the relationship likely left him with a void of what unconditional love is supposed to feel like. It seems that Jeezy’s negative experience with love regarding his mother continued with him into adulthood. Elsewhere in the interview, he admitted:

“As I sit here at 46 … I can’t honestly tell you that I’ve experienced love, especially not unconditional.”

Continuing, the Grammy-nominated rapper spoke directly about ending his marriage to TV personality Jeanie Mai, 44. As we previously covered, Jeezy filed to divorce his estranged wife back in September following two years of marriage. The legal document reportedly cited their union was “irretrievably broken” and saw Jeezy’s motion for joint custody of their infant daughter Monaco. Revealing that the two even tried therapy before he ultimately called it quits, Jeezy stated:

“This has not been an easy journey. I can tell you that I’m saddened…I’m disappointed…I’m uneasy…God has put me on a different path and that path is going to entail for me to take care of myself. And love myself.


“I can only be responsible for myself. I can only do what I can do. I can’t expect someone else to do what I’m doing.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson